Are You Ready For Battle? Bring It On!!!!!!

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IFebruary 5, 2009

This is my 200th post here at Bleacher Report, tough to believe really.

I have my share of fans and people who agree with me and disagree with me, people who agree to disagree with me and disagree to agree with me. I have my share of haters, apologists, public defenders, self righteous sect, spammers, etc., you can pretty much name it, but no one can say I am against other people expressing their opinion as long as we keep it to the teams and games and not making assumptions about other people based upon what teams they like and don't like.

In any event, as a lot of you know I have my own sites The College Football Place and most recently The College Basketball Place and a bunch more on the way but I wanted to invite anyone and everyone to bring their best to square off against me in a video throw down.

If you look at the set up of The College Basketball Place, there are two video players at the top center, this was set up this way for a reason. Basically the format is that we pick a game, I give my side in one video player, you give your side in the other, good natured ribbing is not only ok, it's encouraged. The idea is to keep them around a minute or so, this way people don't have to spend all day watching us blabber on.

Right now this is only working for College Basketball but it will be like this for College Football and all of my other sites which will be up over the next few years (or less). SO if you think you have what it takes to take on me or one of the writers at my site, bring it on.

I know this isn't for everyone but everyone is encouraged or welcome. I know some people are afraid that the world cares so much about stalking them that they won't even say their name or show their picture, they'll call them self something juvenile like a number and have their picture something embarrassing like a football helmet, that's ok, we don't need them, they can just stay home and iron their robes and hoods for their next meeting. In the mean time we'll be having a blast and keeping it real.

People with their own sites are free to promote them in this format as well as we will be promoting everyone who came by means of Bleacher Report and will be supporting BR as we always do. We are at over 400,000 visitors a month these days and with March Madness around the corner, a million a month is in our near future. Who knows, maybe you'll really enjoy it and be a regular in the rotation, I can see us doing three or four games for a busy day like a Saturday.

So I'm easy to get in touch with and don't be shy, it's fun easy, and really just taking Creature Vs. Creature to a whole new level. I look forward to the challenges.