2009 TNA's "Against All Odds": Preview and Predictions

Ali MashrafCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Against All Odds (2009) is a forthcoming pay-per-view event produced by TNA which will take place on February 8, 2009, at the TNA Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida. This will be the fifth TNA PPV under the Against All Odds chronology. My predictions for all the card matches are:

Booker T vs. Shane Sewell

This match will be contested because of the feud Booker T and Shane started at Genesis. During the Jan. 9 edition of TNA Impact!, after Booker T and Scott Steiner had won their match against Eric Young and Petey Williams, they attacked referee Shane Sewell, officially starting the feud.

My prediction: Booker T wins this match.

Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

During the Jan. 22 edition of TNA Impact!, after re-union of Abyss and Matt Morgan, their match started against Beer Money Inc. But during the match, Morgan turned on Abyss, hitting him on the skull with a chair, causing him to bleed, and lose the match.

After the match, Morgan continued his attack on Abyss causing more bloodshed. After that, this match was scheduled between them.

My prediction: Abyss will win the match and gain his revenge from the Blueprint.

Scott Steiner vs. Petey Williams

After MEM was formed and Steiner joined them, his disciple, Williams wanted to talk with him about joining Frontline. But, MEM attacked him brutally. Steiner threw him off of a ladder leaving him with a serious injury.

During a match between Steiner and AJ Styles, Williams returned and attacked Steiner, giving AJ the win. After beating Petey, during the Jan. 22 edition of Impact!, this match was scheduled to take place between them.

My prediction: Petey wins the match, but after winning, MEM attacks him and injures him again.

Awesome Kong(c) vs. O.D.B. for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship

Awesome Kong and O.D.B have been feuding almost from the beginning of 2008 until now. So, no need discuss the background of this match.

O.D.B will try, with all of her heart and soul, to win her first TNA Knockout title as Kong has not been competing in previous weeks due to an injury.

My prediction: O.D.B wins the match by disqualification after Rhaka khan and Raisha Sayeed interfere in the match.

Beer Money Inc.(c) vs. Jay Lethal/Consequences Creed for TNA World Tag team Championships

Prior to Genesis, these two teams have been feuding. During the Jan. 8 edition of TNA Impact!, Lethal and Creed cashed in their feast or fired case and won the TNA Tag Team Championship after Robert Roode injured himself while playing against Matt Morgan.

Beer Money, however, won the  tag titles at Genesis. Therefore, by applying the re-match clause, Lethal and Creed are playing against Beer Money for the tag titles.

My prediction: Lethal and Creed win the tag titles again as, " the consequences are lethal".

Sting (c)/Kurt Angle vs Team 3D for TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This will be the main event of the night. No need to discuss the background of the feud between Main Event Mafia and The Frontline now. The main question concerning this match is: How will Kurt and Sting fare as tag team partners when the TNA World Championship is on the line? And if Team 3D wins, then who will be the world champion?

My prediction: MEM retains the title.

To get the answers to all of these questions, watch Against All Odds on Feb. 8 and see how your favorite superstars will fare.