WWE: Big Show Brings Giant Destruction to the End of Monday Night Raw

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMay 29, 2012

photo courtesy of wrestlegasm
photo courtesy of wrestlegasm

Monday Night Raw ended with explosions of a weapon of mass destruction as The Big Show destroyed Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Brodus Clay.

There was no match to break Brodus Clay's winning streak; instead the Big Show took out Clay with a spear to start and continued beating him all around the outside of the ring.

As The Big Show made his way to the ring, he mocked Brodus for his dancing, his character and went on about how he at least sold out for business only a couple times, while Brodus sells out every night.

This infuriated the beast, Brodus Clay, who left the ring to take on the Big Show, and while it appeared Big Show was only there to talk and make light of the situation, it suddenly got serious when Show took out Clay with that aforementioned spear.

While Brodus was taking a beating, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, the tag team champions, came to his rescue, but no rescuing took place.

Kingston was thrown through a barrier wall and R-Truth found himself flying through the air and crashing into the steel steps. The tag team champs did not last long against the giant on a rampage; while their effort was valiant, it was fruitless.

No bell was rung, so Brodus Clay's winning streak is still unbroken, but I don't think this will be the last we see of Clay vs. Big Show before his match with John Cena.

The Big Show has been on one great ride since before WrestleMania. Having him play the role of a chump who couldn't get a "WrestleMania Moment" to being the suit-wearing power player he is now is a fantastic move by the WWE.

The coming match against Cena in the steel cage at No Way Out will be an incredible battle between Cena and the giant that's been woken up. This story has become so fantastic that its going to make the WWE Universe say Lesnar who?