Blame Vinny Del Negro for the Chicago Bulls' Continued Mediocrity

zachary gropperContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

When the former head coach of the Chicago Bulls, Scott Skiles, was fired last season, many players were pleased to see the change.

Many of the players said that Skiles had lost their respect. They felt the change was needed to bring the most potential out of the ever-so-young Bulls.

With players such as Tyrus Thomas, Aaron Gray, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and Kirk Hinrich all close to the beginning of their career or in what should be the prime of their career, time cannot be wasted.

Over the offseason, general manager John Paxson failed at acquiring the highly desired Mike D'Antoni to a struggling Knicks franchise, and ended up signing Vinny Del Negro, former point guard and Suns’ executive, to the head coaching job.

Even though there was a lack of a reputation to Del Negro's name, you could conceive that a young head coach could fit well with a Baby Bulls team who has a decent amount of youth.

It was seen as a perfect coincidence when the Bulls got the first overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, because Vinny could take in Derrick Rose and coach him as the point guard that he once was.

Despite solid numbers in his rookie season, it is obvious that Derrick Rose hasn't been quite as complete of a player as most imagined.

There has been an obvious lack of defensive productivity, and many have said that he hasn't been able to manage a game as a star point guard should.

According to recent reports, much of this blame goes to Vinny Del Negro. From Bulls’ players it has been said that Del Negro has not focused on defense enough with Rose, and that the former Simeon and Memphis star gets pardoned for his mistakes way too often.

You can expect around 15 points and seven to eight assists a night from Rose, but until he can take control of the pace of a game and play with a great defensive prowl, mediocrity will remain the theme of the Chicago Bulls.