Michigan Will Return to the Top!!!

David MendenhallCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Michigan Football has not gone anywhere, it was just in a transition period. A lot of people have been hating on Michigan for having a down year. I believe Rich Rod is the man for the job.

He only had a month to recruit his first class. Then he had to work with what he had. I watched every game this year, and I seen a huge improvement from game one to game 12.

I think Rich Rod's spread offense will lead us to alot of big ten championships and hopefully a national championship. If you look at this years recruiting class, he filled alot of holes with some quality players. I am just tired of everyone saying Michigan is never going to be the same.

Michigan will return to being a national powerhouse in the next year or two. And for an early prediction for 2009 (Michigan 28 - Ohio State 21). I just hope every can see that it takes Rich Rod a year or two to get his players and get results. If you look at everywhere he has been, he has always struggled in year one.

Year two is a different story. Here is what I am talking about.

1990Glenville State1-7-1 
1991Glenville State4-5-1 
1992Glenville State6-4 
1993Glenville State10-3, WVIAC champion 
1994Glenville State8-3, WVIAC champion 
1995Glenville State8-2, WVIAC champion 
1996Glenville State6-4, WVIAC champion 
2001West Virginia3-8, 1-6 
2002West Virginia9-4, 6-1Continental Tire/L, 22-48 (Virginia)
2003West Virginia8-5, 6-1 Big East championGator Bowl/L, 7-41 (Maryland)
2004West Virginia8-4, 4-2 Big East championGator Bowl/L, 18-30 (Florida State)
2005West Virginia11-1, 6-0 Big East championSugar Bowl/W, 38-35 (Georgia)
2006West Virginia11-2, 5-2Gator Bowl/W, 38-35 (Georgia Tech)
2007West Virginia10-2, 5-2 Big East championFiesta Bowl (Oklahoma)

NAIA/Division II (8 seasons): 45-36-2
Division I (7 seasons): 60-26
TOTAL (15 seasons): 105-62-2

 Just look at what he has done with schools. I understand he was is some under the radar conferences. But you cannot look past what he can do with a program. He will will have Michigan up and running this year, and for years to come. Just give the guy some time.

I am a die hard Wolverines fan. I will admit that when Rich Rod was hired I was really optimistic. I have seen what he can do am I am excited about the future. This is also my first article for BR, so please post comments to tell me how I did.


Early 2009 Predictions

Michigan's Record: 8-4

Michigan beats Michigan State, Penn State, and Ohio State.