WWE News: Chris Jericho's Countdown Clock Begins on Twitter

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 29, 2012

Courtesy Chris Jericho's Twitter Page
Courtesy Chris Jericho's Twitter Page

When thinking of countdowns, many fans automatically go to Chris Jericho's infamous countdown for his WWE entrance.

However, now that Jericho is suspended, there is a new countdown: the countdown until the end of his suspension.

Jericho started this on Twitter over the weekend, and it's continued on today. In classic Jericho fashion, the countdown his informative with a bit of humor added.







If you would like to bare witness to this countdown, you can follow him on twitter @iamjericho.

Sadly, Jericho has received a lot fan criticism over his much-anticipated comeback, none of which has to do with his in-ring performance. Instead, most of the complaints were due to the huge build-up leading to his return with little to no pay-off.

You may remember, towards the end of 2001, the WWE released several cryptic viral videos to draw interest for the impending return of Y2J. Ultimately, other than Jericho's come back, there was no real answer to the videos message.

In fact, Jericho really hasn't expanded past the character that we saw back in 2009. That being said, he has done a lot for the business since his return. Most notable, passing the torch to CM Punk at WrestleMania 28. 

In the end, Jericho will once again be back in a WWE ring, and all will be forgiven. But until then, we have his Twitter feed to keep us entertained.