Brock Lesnar's Meeting with Dana White 'Didn't Go Too Well'

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMay 28, 2012

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Fresh off an all-heavyweight affair at UFC 146, it was Brock Lesnar who was making the headlines.

The former UFC heavyweight champion was seated at the event, and it looked as if Lesnar was only attending to watch the fights. However, that was far from the case, according to UFC president Dana White, who revealed at the post-fight press conference that Lesnar was there to conduct business.

But MMA journalist Dave Meltzer reports that neither side came to an agreement.

"Brock Lesnar and Dana White met last night. We don't have any details other than the meeting did not go well," Meltzer said.

Following his loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 last year, the 265-pound Lesnar ventured back into the world of professional wrestling and has already competed in his first match with WWE star John Cena at Extreme Rules last month. 

Lesnar's history with the UFC is well-documented, and his presence this past weekend has generated speculation that he may be returning to the Octagon in the very near future. Lesnar is currently under contract with the WWE, but his recent storyline saw him "quit" the company after an altercation with Triple H.

In theory, Lesnar could pursue a comeback in the UFC, but his contract obviously prevents that, indicating that his appearance could just be a part of his storyline. However, if the WWE fails to acknowledge that Lesnar attended a UFC event, then perhaps he actually could be fed up with his new job and return to MMA.

Meltzer's report suggests otherwise, but Lesnar could bring a huge boost to the UFC once again. His impact on the company was unprecedented, and it's evident that Lesnar is still a hot commodity for the organization, despite losing his last two fights.