Ecclestone and Mosley: Even More Reasons to Have Them Replaced

Adam PooleAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2009

Those of you that know me, know that I hate Max Mosley and there is only one person I hate more than Mosley and that is Bernie Ecclestone.  In order to vent my true feelings about these two this would have to be a "Restricted 18" site, which it isn't and therefore I will keep this article constructive(ish).

We all know that the grey-haired one has been pushing for medals in the sport for a good few months now and we all have our opinions on this idea—personally I believe it to be about as worthwhile as Bernie buying hair-coloring—yes it would be interesting for a while, but the novelty is going to wear off and it wont be worth it—better the devil you know, stick with the points system—it works!

Anyway, today, Mosley has rubbished the idea, maybe he does have a brain.  Mosley has said of the medal idea, "Fiddling around with the points system won’t fix the problem.”  The problem he was referring to was the problem of overtaking, or the lack thereof.

Now, as a man of many words, most of them utter garbage, Mosley said this about the new aerodynamic regulations bought in this year, "I’m told it’s the biggest change since 1983 but I’m not sure it will solve the problem.”

Does that sound remotely similar?  It does to me, so why has he allowed the aerodynamic changes to go ahead and not the medals?  Simple answer is to keep your eyes peeled as I feel the drivers will be sporting medals rather soon.

Now on to my second reason to send hate mail to the pair. Mosley has today admitted that, "The FIA can’t put pressure on Bernie Ecclestone to race in the UK for less than other countries would pay for us to race elsewhere." 

These two are obviously having a bit of a disagreement at the minute and both need to grow up and realise that they are running a sport and it's the people who put the money into the sport that matter—not who can shout off to the media first!

Today also marks something of a record—a World Record.  Today is the day that Mr. Mosley has finally said something that I agree with.  Something that is true.  Something that puts him up in my estimation (not much though).  He was quoted as saying that Britain was "the home of grand prix racing."

So.  Will we keep a race in Britain?  Will we get medals instead of points?  Will someone please carry these two off to the loony-bin?

We'll have too wait and see what happens I suppose...