WWE: Picking Better Entrance Songs for Each Current WWE Champion

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMay 28, 2012

WWE: Picking Better Entrance Songs for Each Current WWE Champion

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    While the WWE is very different today than it was during the Attitude Era, there is one main thing that stayed the same: Jim Johnston. Johnston has been providing WWE superstars and divas with their entrance music for years and continues to make some of the most fitting and perfect songs for the many different personas throughout the organization. 

    While many WWE superstars and divas have very fitting entrance music, are there better songs out there? What if the WWE didn't have to worry about copyright or anything else and could use whatever songs they wanted?

    I took a look at the current WWE Champions and their entrance music and went on a daunting quest: to find a better, more fitting song for each WWE Champion.

    Here's what I came up with...  

WWE Tag-Team Champions- R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

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    Current Song: No Team Entrance Music

    New Song for Team Entrance: "Boomin'," TobyMac 

    This one warrants some explanation. Truth and Kingston don't really have a tag team name yet, and if you ask this guy, I vote for Boomin' Truth, or something along those lines. If the fans got behind Boomin' Truth, then bam, here's your entrance music. It's kind of hip-hop-ish for R-truth and says Boomin' a lot for Kofi. 

Diva's Champion: Layla

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    Current Song: "Not Enough For Me" by Jim Johnston

    New Song: "All I Ever Wanted" by Basshunter

    I'll say it now and a few more times throughout: Layla's current song fits her very well, but thats Johnston's job! 

    While Layla's current theme is good, I feel like Basshunter's catchy tune is solid as well. Think of it: Layla returned to the WWE on fire! Her first night back, she won the Diva's Championship and is now out of the shadow of her former Lay Cool lady-friend, Michelle McCool; it's all she's ever wanted! The song is upbeat and catchy and works literally. It's the whole package. 

Intercontinental Champion: Christian

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    Current Song: "Just Close Your Eyes," Story of the Year

    New Song: "Show Me The Way," Black Tide

    Christian's current entrance music is solid, but now that it looks like the WWE is going to package him as a face, he needs a new feel.

    How about this song from Black Tide? Christian as a face "showing" younger guys the right way to do things? Seems like it would fit pretty well.

    The song also has a strong rift at the start that can offer that Stone Cold glass-breaking effect to give a lot of impact to Christian's entrance.  

US Champion: Santino Marella

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    Current Song: "Victory is Mine," Produced by Jim Johnston

    New Song: "Holding Out For a Hero," Bonnie Tyler

    Santino's current theme song is pretty much right on. It gives him that Italian Stallion feel and is different enough to be amusing at the same time.

    If I was going to change the Milan Miracle's theme song, I would put all of my proverbial eggs in the silliness basket. Imagine with me, if you will, a heel is being mean to a low-to-mid card face or Diva and it's starting to get tense, then POW! "Holding out for a Hero" blasts through the speakers and Santino comes power-walking down the ramp. Money. 

World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

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    Current Song:"Too Many Lies," performed by Sean Jenness

    New Song: "Devil's Dance Floor," Flogging Molly

    Sheamus' current theme song is very well done and fits him well thanks to the composing powers of Mr. Johnston, but if I was going to give him a new song, it'd definitely be Devil's Dance Floor. 

    Flogging Molly is a great band with a lot of that Irish feel that Sheamus so often likes to portray.

    Another plus to Devil's Dance Floor is the intro, which would give Sheamus a big pop while interfering and time to do his crowd interactions at the top of the ramp. 

WWE Champion: CM Punk

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    Current Song: "Cult of Personality," Living Colour

    New Song:"What?", Rob Zombie

    This was the hardest one. CM Punk's entrance music, to me, is one of the best themes in WWE history. It's absolutely perfect for the Straight Edge Superstar.

    If I, for some crazy reason, was asked to give him a new entrance song, "What?" would be my first choice. The rhythm and I do as I please attitude of Rob Zombie and this song fit CM Punk well and could really go along with Punk's entrance...if he didn't have the best entrance song ever already.  


    So what do you think? Were my choices decent? What songs would you have picked? Let me know in the comments! 

    Thanks for reading!