A look ahead: No Way Out 2009 predictions.

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

The pay-per-view known for the Elimination Chamber match is coming up fast.  No Way Out is only ten days away, and as of now I can honestly say I'm really liking the card.

No Way Out promises entertainment.

Lets take a look at the card so far.
(Matches are in no order)

*Contains Smackdown spoilers*

1} ECW Championship.
Finlay vs Jack Swagger[c]

There is a very small chance that Finlay will take the title off the young gun Jack Swagger.  Finlay, however capable of carrying the title, probably will not.

I wouldn't mind seeing Finlay win, but if he does a rematch with Swagger would have to be the match for 'Mania, and I'm sure that's not what the WWE wants to show.  

Prediction: Jack Swagger

2] No-holds barred.
Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton

This match is a part of a huge story-line.   It hasn't been revealed what will happen in the future with the Orton vs McMahon story line.  

Some people online think Stephanie will join forces with Randy Orton and legacy.  Some people think yet another Orton vs Cena story line. No one knows for sure what's going to happen after this match.

Prediction: Orton wins.  I wouldn't be surprised if Stephanie turned on Shane during the match.

3] Elimination Chamber #1 World heavyweight title
Mike Knox vs Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena[c]

Prediction: John Cena wins.  There is NO WAY anyone other than John Cena will walk out of this match the world champion.  NO WAY.  Sorry to disappoint everyone.

4]"All or nothing" match
JBL vs Shawn Michaels

We've seen some crazy things in the WWE.  I'm actually really confused on who is going to win this match.  

Most people think a Michaels win is guaranteed.  I disagree.  

It's only a little over a month after No Way Out when Mr. Wrestlemania suits up for his day,  Shawn is known for his superb fueds/matches at Wrestlemania.

One month is a little short to build up a feud for HBK.  Surely they wouldn't have a JBL vs Michaels rematch; would they?

Prediction: Shawn Michaels wins.  Or JBL wins by DQ (He has someone interfere and hit him)  *If Shawn Michaels wins, I expect him to be in the World title match at Wrestlemania.

5] Elimination chamber #2 WWE Title
Jeff Hardy vs Vladimir Kozlov vs The Big Show vs The Undertaker vs Triple H vs Edge[c]

This match was more confusing to me than any other match I've tried to predict.  There are so many factors to who walks out the WWE champion.  

Will Jeff Hardy challenge his brother at Wrestlemania?  Will Christian Cage return as a face or a heel?  W

ill they continue to push Undertaker at Westlemania?  Will Triple H get one more shot at glory?  How much faith do they have in Vladimir Kozlov?  

Well I asked myself those same questions, along with others like "which feud needs the world title?" and "which person doesn't have a feud yet?"

Prediction: Jeff Hardy

After thinking long and hard I came to the conclusion that Jeff Hardy has the highest chance of walking out of No Way Out WWE champion.  

If Jeff Hardy wins the world title, look for a Hardy vs Hardy main event as Wrestlemania.

Other match[s]
Although the WWE might go with only five matches, it is highly unlikely.  Here a few more matches I think might happen at No Way Out.  From least likely to most likely.

IC title
Regal vs Punk

Tag Team titles
Miz and Morrison vs Cryme Time

Women's title
Beth Phoenix vs Melina[c]

Grudge match
Matt Hardy vs Christian Cage.

I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone about what they think is going to go down at No Way Out and their personal predictions.  Thanks everyone for reading.



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