NBA Rumors: Clippers Must Re-Sign Nick Young for Key Reserve Role

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NBA Rumors: Clippers Must Re-Sign Nick Young for Key Reserve Role
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Nick Young is not a starter in the NBA

The Los Angeles Clippers, who reportedly want to re-sign the enigmatic shooter in the offseason, must remember that (via

"According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Clippers are interested in re-signing Nick Young this offseason."

Signing Young would be a good move for the Clips, but again, it hinges on what role they are prepared to put him in. 

At first thought, re-signing Young for the starting lineup seems like a laughable and impossible idea, especially after how up-and-down he was with the Washington Wizards.

However, it's important to remember the Clippers' other potential shooting guards, Chauncey Billups and Randy Foye, both hit free agency this summer as well. 

If they decide to let those guys go, Young is the starter.

And that would be a mistake.

Young is the prototypical hot-and-cold player. In 22 games for the Clips this season, he averaged just 9.7 points per game on 39 percent shooting. 

He'll throw in steals and assists every once in a while, but first and foremost, he is a scorer and a long-range shooter.

When he's on, Nick Young can do things like this. But who knows when he'll be on.

And he loves it that way. 

There have actually been a few times this season where I've seen Young start to shoot before the ball even gets to his hands. The guy has no conscience, and sometimes that can be a good thing.

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It's a good thing when he's coming off the bench. He provides energy, and when he hits a groove, he'll score 10-12 points in a row.

But the Clippers—or really, any good team—can't afford to continually put someone like that in the starting lineup. They need to have the ability to either give him 15 minutes or 35 minutes on any given night.

Young, when he scores 16 or 17 inefficient points per game, is a fine starter for a young Wizards team, but a playoff team needs more from its starting shooting guard if it intends on competing for a championship. 

The Clips need to decide what they want to be. If they want to make it to the first or second round every year, then yeah, make him the starting shooting guard.

If they want a championship team, they can sign him, but just for energy and instant offense off the bench. 

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