WWE Monday Night RAW: 5 Bold Predictions for Milestone 1,000th Episode

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIMay 28, 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW: 5 Bold Predictions for Milestone 1,000th Episode

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    For over 19 years, WWE Monday Night Raw has aired nonstop every week in front of millions of fans worldwide, never once missing one of their weekly shows during its impressive, long run.

    Countries that have aired RAW include Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. On several occasions, the show was broadcasted from Afghanistan and Iraq during the Christmas holiday shows titled, "Tribute to the Troops."

    It is known as the company’s flagship program and has delivered some of the greatest and saddest moments in professional wrestling history.

    The shows have bounced between the USA Network and Spike TV over the years, but RAW continues to draw solid ratings and introduce new fans to their product on a regular basis.

    So with a show that has done seemingly everything, the upcoming 1,000th episode should have some surprises when it airs July 23.

    Here are five bold predictions for what may happen on this milestone episode.

The Undertaker Makes His Long-Awaited Return

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    The Undertaker is the longest-tenured professional wrestler on the WWE roster. He is also the only active superstar who competed on the first Monday Night Raw, where he defeated Damien Demento in the main event.    

    His appearances have become scarce over the last few years, with his last appearance being at WrestleMania 28 on April 1, 2012. It seems fitting that he should return, even if it’s just for one night. He doesn’t have to wrestle, as his presence alone would leave the crowd satisfied.

    He is one of a kind and truly the “End of Era.” His career is winding down and he deserves to be at the 1,000 Raw because of the loyalty he has shown to the WWE through their highs and lows.

Brock Lesnar Returns and Triple H Will Be Ready to Challenge Him

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    After Brock Lesnar returned from an eight-year hiatus and lost his first match back against John Cena, the next night on Raw, Lesnar broke the arm of COO Triple H and subsequently quit the company the following week.

    With SummerSlam just a month away before the 1,000 episode of Raw, it seems like a great time for Lesnar to return and set up a match between two men who have never competed one-on-one. Love him or hate him, Lesnar attracts ratings.

    His return on the 1,000th Raw would give the WWE a few more weeks to build up this match, which could steal the show. The WWE should hype his return a week in advance to make sure the diehard Lesnar fans tune in for the show.

New World Heavyweight Champion or WWE Champion to Be Crowned

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    While the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship are occasionally competed for on Raw, rarely is there a title change. With such a milestone show coming up, don’t be shocked to see one of these titles change hands.

    This three-hour show, if billed correctly, could have a pay-per-view feel to it, and what better way to make the show stand out then to have a new champion crowned?

    Despite the massive build for championship matches on Raw, the challenger usually comes up empty-handed. Don’t be surprised if the WWE pulls a fast one and allows one of their two major titles to change hands on live television for free.

    Which belt is a tough question. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have been feuding lately in classic matches, so I say who is ever champion going into that show may not walk out with their respective title.

Vince McMahon Returns and Introduces a New Concept for Raw

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    WWE Chairmen Vince McMahon makes an unexpected appearance to thank the fans for their support for the last 19 years and introduces a new concept that will change Raw forever.

    With the growing use of social media and technological advances, he wants fans to be more involved with the show: have them vote on certain matches throughout the show by selecting opponents, match stipulations, if a title should be on the line and more.

    McMahon always says he “wants to shake things up,” and what better way than to get the fans more involved with the product instead of just having them cheer from their television screen or from their seats inside the arena? Really, give power back to the people.

Moving Raw to 3 Hours Bombs in the Ratings Like WCW

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    When Raw moves—starting with their 1,000th show—to three hours, it may do well for the first few shows, but for how long will the positive ratings last? To keep the attention span of an average viewer for three hours is difficult. Two hours is hard enough.

    WWE’s former rival, WCW, moved their show to three hours and they ended bankrupt a few years later. Too much of anything can be harmful.

    Making Raw three hours may not last long. While the WWE is trying to expand their audience, this may not be the best move on their part. It’s possible that the first three-hour show will do awful in the ratings and Raw will return to its normal two-hour program early.