WWE News: Who Was Ranked as the 25 Greatest Talkers of All Time?

Justin WatrySenior WriterMay 27, 2012

CONCORD, NC - JANUARY 20:  Former American Professional Wrestler Ric Flair performs his famous yell 'Wooooo!', for the media during the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway, held at the Embassy Suites, on January 20, 2010 in Concord, North Carolina.  (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images)
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A few weeks ago, WWE.com ranked the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time. It was a great list and well worth checking out. Now the company is back at it again.

This time, WWE has ranked the best talkers of all time. The full listing is available at the official company website, but here are the top 25 named:

25. Captain Lou Albano
24. Rick Rude
23. Santino Marella
22. Ted DiBiase Sr.
21. The Miz
20. Jesse Ventura
19. Triple H
18. Paul Heyman
17. Edge
16. Vince McMahon
15. Billy Graham
14. Mick Foley
13. Hulk Hogan
12. CM Punk
11. Randy Savage
10. JBL
9. Bobby Heenan
8. Dusty Rhodes
7. John Cena
6. Jake Roberts
5. Chris Jericho
4. Ric Flair
3. The Rock
2. Roddy Piper
1. Steve Austin


My Thoughts on This News

As usual, I have to give credit to WWE for a nicely done article. The company has definitely increased the quality in their website the past few months.

That being said, all lists are going to bring criticism. Somebody will like No. 10 more than No. 8. Another will think No. 2 should have been No. 1. Others will wonder why "so and so" didn't make the top 25.

It happens every single time.

This instance is no different.

Right off the bat, I eliminate anybody that is a generation or two before my time. It would not be fair to say I "know" their work based on watching old Youtube videos all day. That would be a lie to even pretend anything else.

That is the same reason I will never discuss Nick Bockwinkel or Loe Thesz. Sorry, I am too young to know them. Watching old clips and pretending to be knowledgeable would just be wrong.

Also, I do not discuss indy promotions. I do not watch them, so how can I comment? I can't.

One major flaw is the ranking of Vince McMahon. I understand he may want to give attention to others in 2012, but he deserved a much higher ranking. One of the all-time best at speaking to a live crowd!

Most will likely focus on the top five. While I could argue for any of them, the list makes sense. Hot Rod could be first. Ric Flair could be. Even The Rock could make a strong case.

Chris Jericho is a stretch at No. 5, but he is a legend who deserves a nice spot. You have to remember that these are just simply opinions. Nothing is an "official" bottom line.

As for who could have made the list, there are many. It is not worth nitpicking every single person who missed the Top 25. That could last all day long...

However, it is surprising to see Shawn Michaels nowhere on this list. From heel to face, he really did play every role well. Of course, that is all simply my choice.

What do you folks think? Who was ranked too low or too high? Also, what one name that didn't make the list should have? Let's discuss.


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