Wherefore Art Thou, Luchadors?

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

I thought I'd take a little break from Diva talk and focus on a new WWE issue: Where are all the luchadors?

Currently, the only active Latin wrestlers on the WWE roster are Rey Mysterio, Melina, Carlito and Primo Colon, Ricky Ortiz, and the Bella Twins. There was a time, at least two me, when the WWE had a solid number of Latin wrestlers, all who managed to get good fanfare.

The WWE has attempted to recognize and capitalize on the large Latin audience they have, most recently obtaining TV rights in Mexico to compete with CMLL and AAA. So what happened?

Well, the Crusierweight title being put into the defunct category effectively wiped out any chance a good number of luchadors trying to get into the WWE for one. Only the late Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio have reach heavyweight championship status in the WWE in the past few years.

The WWE seems to have stuck their noses up at the high flying entertainment these guys put on.

Could language barriers also be an issue? According to Super Crazy, a former WWE employee, the answer is yes. I saw an interview he recently did in which he says if you don't speak good English while a part of the WWE, be prepared to be up a creek without a paddle.

If you think about it, and look at the three men previously mentioned, this might be true. There's nothing wrong with expecting English be spoken, but when have any of these guys really gotten a chance to speak?

I have been watching AAA for the past few months thanks to stumbling on it on Galavision while flicking through channels. it really is the WWE in Spanish, with less pyro and technical power, but is very high on theatrics and over the top storylines and matches. I think a lot of these guys on looks and athleticism alone could make it in the WWE.

The top on my list would probably be Zorro. He's a really great athlete with some good looks on his side, really agile with some high flying moves and some solid submission manuevers. He can also make going crazy the most entertaining thing you'd ever watch.

Although not a part of the company right now, Cibernetico is another one. He definitely is a Mexican version of Batista, even with being a former bodybuilder. He is however a bit more agile in the ring; he even does a chokeslam as a finisher.

I have to admit it's weird seeing someone 6'2" doing a chokeslam. He's also got some ridiculous amount of popularity that the WWE could absolutely capitalize on.

Mesias, Juda Mesias to those who watch TNA, is another guy with some solid skills that would fit the WWE mold. However, he might have to get rid of his entrance as it's pretty much the Undertaker's.

What's funny is that Ciber and Mesias are/were the two top guys in AAA and are the ones that would fit into the WWE perfectly, and neither are high flyers. My favorite parts of AAA are when the high flyers are in matches, people like Super Fly, Aero Star, Laredo Kid to name a few.

The WWE should realize how entertaining they are and how much the cruiserweight division is sorely missed. This group could easily fill those spots on the show when it starts to lag and be solid mid-carders. There's nothing wrong with that. What happened to entertaining the people who watch?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't have a problem sitting through a 15 minute lucha libre style match, more importantly with someone not named Mysterio in every single match.

By the way, I highly recommend looking up Laredo Kid on YouTube. He does the SICKEST Springboard Double Rotation Corkscrew Plancha ever to be witnessed. Could you imagine seeing it on a weekly basis?