Brock Lesnar: Dana White Open to UFC Return for Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar: Dana White Open to UFC Return for Lesnar
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After one of the wildest shows in the company’s history, UFC president Dana White was fielding questions about the main event of UFC 146 when the topic of Brock Lesnar came up.

The former heavyweight champion was in attendance at the show on Saturday, which led to speculation on why the star was there and what he had to say to the company president.

While White wouldn’t expand on his discussions, he did acknowledge that he and the former champion had been talking and that a return to the Octagon isn’t out of the question.

If Brock wants it and the UFC will allow it, a return to MMA is a very likely scenario. In the meantime, all this free publicity is great for everyone.

How This Benefits Dana White and the UFC

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With the mainstream popularity of Lesnar as a former UFC champion and a current WWE superstar, there are millions of reasons to get him back into the Octagon if they can.

There is no question that Lesnar is one of the biggest draws in MMA history, so even the possibility that he could return to the company and the rumors that will surround this incident will be enough to give the UFC another shot in the arm.

Fans watching the all-heavyweight card saw Lesnar and were immediately struck by the possibility that he could be there to study talent for a future fight. With White doing nothing to curtail these assumptions, many feel that a return to MMA is imminent.

How This Benefits WWE

While the UFC gains the hype around Lesnar’s name by having him at the show, the WWE gets to have their name written in every single article and said in every interview that has to do with Lesnar’s appearance at UFC 146.

The current WWE superstar will be the talk of the MMA world after his meeting with White and the admission by the company’s president that a return to the ring isn’t out of the question.

Lesnar is a current WWE star, but his contract’s details show that he could fight again in the UFC fairly soon.

All of this talk about Lesnar will bring the WWE’s name to more lips and ears, which is more than they could have hoped for when he signed up for his part-time schedule.

How This Benefits Lesnar

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Lesnar said it best during a promo on Raw; he isn’t just a man anymore, he is a brand.

With the possibility of a return to MMA, the intrigue that surrounds the star is enough to keep him culturally relevant for the next few years.

Even if Brock never fights again in UFC, the possibility that he could will drive people to endlessly speculate about what’s going to happen next.

Lesnar has been forgotten a bit since his “departure” from the WWE, but showing up in the front row of an all-heavyweight UFC card and having White outright admit the possibility of a return will get Lesnar’s name back in the news.

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