Dear Mr. Dombrowski

Dave HamptonCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

To: David Dombrowski, general manager, Detroit Tigers

Dear Mr. Dombrowski,

Here is our Olive Branch Petition, signed, sealed, and delivered by Tiger nation. Our team needs help. Please hear our cries.

Mr. Dombrowski you hold the key to fixing a team that lost 88 games last year and finished in the basement of the American League Central, and behind even the lowly Royals.

What went wrong with our team last year? Pitching.

Mr. Dombrowski, our starting pitching was mediocre last season. Justin Verlander was the only starter on the staff to amass 200 innings, and it was in sloppy fashion at best.

A 4.84 ERA and a whopping 1.40 WHIP are testament to this. Jeremy Bonderman, 26, and has not yet begun to live up to the expectations of a front line starter. Injuries and inconsistency have derailed him the last two years.

On and on it goes. We have inflated contracts for Nate Robertson (6.35 ERA) and Dontrelle Willis (8 appearances in ’08). What do we need? Better starting pitching.

Mr. Dombrowski, what did we get? Edwin Jackson.

You brought to Detroit another arm with high upside for the future when we need to be asking “What have you done for me lately?”

What has Jackson done? He has provided great mediocrity. Edwin Jackson was the guy the Dodgers didn’t see as being able to harness his control and potential.

They were more than willing to deal him to the Rays a couple years ago. Since, he has done nothing to prove them wrong. A 1.51 WHIP and 4.42 ERA last year made the Rays decide to get something for him now, while he still had some sort of value.

Mr. Dombrowski, you should not have obliged them.

Mr. Dombrowski, we need better relief pitching. If I were to describe our bullpen in one word I would use horrible. We need a significant upgrade.

Last year’s bullpen did not prove it had the ability to preserve a lead and finish a game. So, much more the same this year.

Enter Brandon Lyon. We now welcome the guy who lost his job as closer in Arizona, because of how awful he was. (4.70 ERA, 75 hits in 59.1 innings).

Mr. Dombrowski, to win we need better. You have let even the mid tier free agent relievers get away when we could have used them here in Detroit.

Mr. Dombrowski, there is still time. There is still talent available (Juan Cruz). Don’t let the ship that is our season sink before it sails out of April.