UFC 146 Results: Did Jason Miller Just Lose His Job?

Cody GuinnContributor IIIMay 27, 2012

Photo Courtesy of MMAweekly.com
Photo Courtesy of MMAweekly.com

Jason “Mayhem” Miller lost his UFC 146 fight against C.B. Dollaway, his second loss in a row, which isn’t always pink slip territory, but for Mayhem? This could be it. Jason Miller was at one point in time considered one of the top fighters in the world at 185 lbs, but since returning to the UFC, he has run into trouble with his coaching stint, his matchup with Michael Bisping and Saturday's night loss to Dollaway.

It isn’t losing to the two guys that are making people talk about Miller getting cut, it’s the way he’s losing. In the Bisping fight, Miller began to gas after about three minutes of fighting. Although he wasn’t getting rocked by Bisping, he was unable to intelligently defend himself, therefore the fight was stopped.

I’ve never seen a fighter other than a heavyweight gas that early in the fight. Miller is a man who went toe-to-toe with cardio machine Jake Shields in a five-round battle back in 2009. Could his cardio had become that much worse in a few years?

And then there is Saturday night. Miller came out with his leg heavily wrapped but began the fight fast, landing some nice punches on Dollaway, even rocking C.B. briefly. At about the three-minute mark in the first round, though, Miller threw a punch and went down. It appeared his leg had blown out, but I guess that wasn’t the case considering he came back in Round 2 throwing good strikes once again.

Miller could not defend the takedown of C.B. and was taken down over and over by the former wrestler. The usual grappling specialist that is Mayhem Miller was unable to even get close to locking up any sort of sweep or submission attempt.

So, the question remains, did Miller just lose his job? I’d say he most likely did. Dana White tweeted right after the bout, “THAT SUCKED!!!!” Therefore, I’d take that to mean that Dana was not impressed by his performance and, injured leg or not, we most likely have seen the last of Jason “Mayhem” Miller in the UFC for now.