Jeff Hardy's Title Reign: What a Waste

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IFebruary 4, 2009

Alright, this year I ordered the Royal Rumble on Pay Per View and expected an awesome show and I fully expected for most of my predictions to be correct. Cena retains, Orton won the "Rumble", Melina won the Women’s title, and Jeff Hardy retains his WWE Championship.

I thought that surly the WWE wouldn't have Jeff lose the WWE Championship after losing title match after title match for a year then finally winning the WWE Championship! Surely not. Surely the WWE wouldn’t make a bone head move like that, but of course they did.

What a waste of a title run. The WWE didn't even try to give Hardy a chance as champion. They watched him for a week as champion and said "Well this blows" and decided to put the title back on Edge? That just sounds like the easy way out.

Hardy had so much potential to be a great champion, but your great champions don't come in a box ready to be the greatest success the company has ever seen. You have to give them time and this whole Hardy vs. Hardy storyline sounds like a total stinker. The brother vs. brother thing is not going to be entertaining. We’ve seen similar things already and none of those have lived up to their expectations. 

Why can't McMahon just grown some balls and put his top title on someone not named Triple H, John Cena, Edge, or Randy Orton. Its really getting monotonous at this point.

When the WWE put the title on Hardy at Armageddon I really thought this was going to be his shot and no it was just a ploy to set up the Hardy vs. Hardy feud, and a total letdown for any hardcore fan of the "Rainbow Haired Warrior".

This was supposed to be his shot at becoming a true champion and after a year of WWE fans sitting on their hands waiting for Hardy's first title run we finally get it, and then almost as fast as we got it it was taken away.

Now, we have Edge as champion again. Oh lets see how many fresh storylines they get out of him as your World Champion. Let me see how many I can think of........uhmm none!

This has got to be the biggest let down I have experienced as a wrestling fan in a very long time. Alas, being the optimist I am I still hold out hope for Hardy and the possibility that one day he will win the title again and shows everyone that he can carry the company, and he can become a great champion.

Why did you even put the title on Jeff if they were just going to turn it into the Brother vs. Brother thing anyways. It would have made much more sense if they had done it the other way around.

Make Jeff jealous of Matt’s ECW Championship.  I mean after trying to win the WWE Championship for a year and coming up short his brother wins the ECW Championship right after being moved to ECW.

Come on that would have made much more sense than all of this crap.

I’m just saying it would have saved a lot of disappointment from the fans and all of the people who were looking forward to a long title run for Jeff Hardy filled with new interesting story lines.

Hardy vs. Taker? Hardy vs. Big Show? No the WWE thinks we want to see Edge battle The Undertaker and Triple H for the hundredth time. Thanks WWE. You are really in tune with your fans arn't you.