Dos Santos vs Mir Main Card: Which Fight Will Steal the Show?

Alexander MetalisContributor IIIMay 26, 2012


No matter the outcomes, UFC 146’s main card will enthrall us. Nothing is more exciting than watching the UFC’s titans brawl, matching skills and strengths against each other. Prepare yourself: tonight’s card offers exclusive, delectable heavyweight action.

One fight, however–a fight that isn’t especially high profile–might just sneak up on us and steal the show on this night of giants

Meet Stipe Miocic (8-0), The man who dons Cro Cop’s signature shorts and is a glittering prospect. Stipe holds Golden Gloves boxing credentials, matched with an illustrious Division I wrestling background. Miocic has iron hands and he throws them willingly, brawling his way through his first two UFC foes, which earned Mirko's swagger-jacker a Knockout of the Night bonus against Phil De Fries.

Meet Shane del Rosario (11-0), a Muay Thai monster with crafty submission skills, SDR has coasted through his pro career with ease, finishing each foe to test him thus far. Pro kickboxing experience in-hand, Shane looks comfortable no matter where his fights take him.

Each man figures to be a future title threat, and this fight will tell which prospect will get a head-start towards the belt of titans. 

Both are undefeated. Both are desperate to maintain their spotless records and climb the heavyweight ladder. Both possess an array of imposing skills. Neither resists a brawl.

Fireworks are impending.

Looking at their respective backgrounds alone, this fight seems to offer intriguing clashes of style: will Shane’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu negate Miocic’s wrestling? Will Stipe’s jarring punches match del Rosario’s diverse kickboxing arsenal?

On sports book, a wagerer could bet a dollar that this fight won’t go the distance, and win only 85 cents in return. Vegas foresaw the volatility of this collision of beastly prospects.