WWE Rumors: Cody Rhodes Feud with CM Punk Needs to Happen

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIMay 26, 2012

Photo credit: Ring-Rap.com
Photo credit: Ring-Rap.com

Cody Rhodes needs to be pushed and it needs to happen now.

According to Marc Middleton of Wrestlenewz.com, the WWE has been planning a push for Rhodes in the likes of a feud with CM Punk.

News came out this weekend that over the past few months, WWE officials were discussing Cody (Rhodes) for a potential feud against WWE Champion CM Punk.

Rhodes looked like he could be a major figure in the WWE in his early years. Nothing has panned out for him, though, as he continues to find himself on a level below some of the major stars in the business.

This is a perfect opportunity for WWE to see what they have with this kid. You have to test the waters to see if it will ultimately work out.

He has the tools, personality and in-ring ability to become something more than he has accomplished in his career thus far.

Why not give him an opportunity against one of the best wrestlers in the business?

Who else deserves to be pushed in this instance? Look at the roster, it's nothing special.

I would love to see Rhodes get an opportunity to show what he's worth to the company by competing against CM Punk.

If nothing works out, you can squash the beef and slide him back to the middle of the pack.

The WWE has proved to be about the WWE Championship and not much more. Having Rhodes where he's currently located doesn't do much for the company, but a push could take the company in a positive direction.

It's worth the risk.