Red Sox in '08: A Total Homer Muses

Ted WilliamsContributor IMarch 6, 2008

Okay, we’re almost there.

A trip to Japan, may hurt the early outings upon return.

Curt's done.  Forget about it, I don't understand the re-signing unless Theo can work the miracles as he did in '04 and '07.

I love Schilling between the lines.  I love his arm, or what it used to be. But I hate his politics.  Retire the number, hang the bloody sock from the Monster.  Get ready for the Hall of Fame induction, and become our assistant pitching coach and just shut up.Retire and go campaign for McCain

How can two doctors be so right and so wrong?  The man has re-invented himself from a flame thrower, converting to a pitcher, to what?  A one-armed starter?  And not the right arm.

I'm doubtful.

I trust in Theo, but this one’s confusing.

Coco is trade bait.  He’s an amazing fielder, but his bat has a hole in it.

So Coco’s gone—then who is available?  A number five starter at best. "Trust in Theo, Trust in Theo"

John Lester is one to watch.  I'm optimistic about him.  He could be a good five-starter or maybe four?

Dice-k.  He is now past the transition.  He is acclimated. He is going to win 15 games this year, easy.

Watch the long balls early until he settles in, then marvel at the man’s skill.  The gyro ball is real!

Beckett is a god, and the best acquisition since Papi.  22 wins in '08

Speaking of Papi, his knee is looking better since he completed the rehabilitation program.  Look for the 40+ deep and clutch homers to return.

For Manny this will be a contract year, and he knows the options elsewhere aren't the same as at Fenway.  Heck, they tried to give him away a few years ago and nobody took him.  Boras is the agent now...uh oh. Contract year equals high thirties plus in jacks and 100 plus RBI's. Signed for 3 more years by all star break and maybe his grandmother wont die again so he can go to the all star game. I love Manny.

Pedroia, sophomore errors?  I hope not.  I love the kid but he can’t dance! 

Youk, YOUK!  I love Youk.  The mensch on the bench!  This is his Gold Glove year.

Mike Lowell: clubhouse, baseball smarts, leather, nuff said. 

Wakefield…well, we'll see.  He is one scrappy player.  I just hope he'll come back strong and stay healthy.

Bucholtz?  I don't know.  Help me on this one?

Don't let it go to your head, Papelbon.  Yes, you are that good, but stay within yourself.  And never shake off Tek!

Speaking of Tek, he’s clearly the greatest Red Sox catcher ever.  But Mirabelli and some guys in Pawtucket to back him up?  That is simply is not going to work. If he goes down, were screwed. Maybe we should trade Coco for a catcher. 

An aside..where are all the great young catchers? Joe Mauer and a couple others are in the bigs. It is the single hardest position to master. 

But I digress. 

With regard to Jacoby,believe the hype.  He steals 15 bases, and bats 310.  Just wait for your pitch.

Timlin, Oki, and the rest of the pen may be needed more than ever this year.  I'll wait until the roster is posted to fully evaluate this one. I do love Julian Tavarez, he's nuts but he has become reliable and can start or give you long or short relief. The man eats innings.

 And Tito is here long term, good money and he loves it here. Best Sox manager Ever!

I'm still getting over the Super Bowl loss, so I'm just ramping up.  Watch this space for more thoughts from a complete homer and sometime Red Sox apologist.

 It's March,  by opening day my angst will return.

March Predictions (to be revised later)

Sox win the East, but it will be close.  Toronto will be second, and Tampa third, yes I said Tampa. 

(The Tampa "Rays?" Bring back the Devil!)

The Yankees will have spurts of former greatness but not the late season push as before.  Wang, Pettite, Mussina, and Chamberlin?  This is going to be great.  Watch Hank S. screw things up. Giradi's doomed... again, you never want to be the guy that follows Torre.

Go "Rays"!  Fear the Tigers. Cleveland is scary.

The Nation has spoken.