WWE RAW: Putting Kane into the WWE Championship Mix Is a Good Move

Mark Pirie@markpirieCorrespondent IMay 26, 2012


On last night's Smackdown, one major thing became clear.

With Daniel Bryan running to the ring to torment Kane and cost him his chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, it became clear the Big Red Monster is set to turn face again. Kane has switched between the two with ease for his entire career, so that's not much of a shock.

However, it has also now become clear he could have a big part to play in the WWE Championship match at No Way Out, with the match looking set to become a triple threat match.

Although this move may prove controversial after the great match CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had at Over The Limit, it makes sense for several reasons.

Firstly, it is clear the higher ups don't have faith in CM Punk's main-event status yet. The simple fact that Punk's matches, even though he is battling for WWE's highest honour, are never the last match on the card, and his segments have poor viewer ratings on Raw.

Therefore, putting a legend like Kane into the mix adds slightly more prestige to the match.

Also, from Daniel Bryan's angle, he has effectively exploded onto the main event scene courtesy of the "Yes!" chants. It is understandable that WWE do not have complete confidence in his ability to affect buy rates of No Way Out.

It also pains me to say it, but the Big Red Monster can make the match better between Punk and Bryan. While the No Way Out one-on-one match that would have been booked would have been great, the two men would not have been given any more time or any more freedom by WWE to produce a better match than the one they had at Over The Limit.

Therefore, putting Kane in the match gives a perfect chance to add a different angle and a different move-set to the match.

If pitched correctly (as a bad-ass destroyer, rather than an insane, unstoppable force) Kane will add only positives to the match.

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