Knicks Welcome Lebron In a Must Win Game

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

After an embarrassing loss to the Lakers on Monday night, the Knicks will take the floor against another, superstar, capable of dropping 60-points on any given night.

Kobe Bryant scored an easy 61-points against the Knicks in a game where he was not easy to guard. Making shots from all over the floor, Kobe proved, once again, that he is the most capable scorer in the NBA.

What he also did was show the weaknesses the Knicks have on defense.

While there is no doubt that Mike D'antoni has improved the offensive side of the Knicks and has inserted in them a will to win, the defense has struggled mightily against strong scorers.

The Knicks lack a shutdown guard who can defend the leagues best players and this could hurt their playoff chances.

While Quentin Richardson is not versatile enough, Wilson Chandler is not strong enough to guard a scorer like LeBron or Kobe.

The next task for the Knicks defense is to stop the NBA's most powerful and most athletic scorer, “King James.” Lebron forms a serious mismatch against any Knick defender and will likely have his way dealing with the Knicks.

The Knicks have another concern on their minds and that is to get back to the win column. After dropping a full game behind the Bucks for the final playoff spot, the Knicks should look to get a win tonight against LeBron and the Cavs.

After a strong win in Indiana and a five game winning streak at home, the Knicks looked lost on Monday against the Lakers.

With Gasol dominating down low and Kobe hitting shots at his own will, the Knicks were humiliated on the defensive end.

While it is still early to talk about the playoffs, the Knicks need to get every win they can get against good teams and tonight is the first step in that direction.