Arsenal: When All the Pieces Are Put Together ...

Greg ThomasContributor IFebruary 4, 2009

It seems at the moment the Arsenal that we've all grown to love and admire has changed.

The engrossing passing game, the fluid runs and beautiful chemistry have all, but disappeared.

Everyone has an opinion, their own "two cents" of what is wrong with the club. Some blame the manager, others the club's lack of ambition and some the players’ inability to produce.

These are all good reasons and all have merit in their logic, but none are the main source of the malfunctioning team.

I hate to say it, but the problem is and always has been for the Gunners ... injuries.

Look at what happened last term when Arsenal was in contention to play in another Champions League final as well as win the Premiership.

A hard, career threatening slide tackle came in on the fox in the box Eduardo Da Silva's leg and broke it in two places!

I know none of us want to be reminded of that ill-fated day but the look on the players’ faces said it all. From that moment on their hearts and minds were cursed and the thoughts of that happening to them playing their beautiful football lingered.

Imagine the number of goals the lad would have scored if he remained healthy for another two months.

Surely it would have been enough to see them through.

The same can be said of the midfield solider Tomas Rosicky.

The man is undoubtedly class through and through, yet his injuries have not only hindered himself, but Arsenal as a whole.

For a more recent argument look at the impact of young master Fabregas missing in the midfield.

Cesc is absolutely essential to the Arsenal machine. He is the cog that makes the wheel spin.

Yes, Arsenal have a fabled "plan B" which is to put it blunt Chelsea football-boot it up to your striker and let him do the work. However, this is the Arsenal and that's just not the way things get done.

Although Cesc hadn't been playing his best, it cannot all be placed on his shoulders.

His midfield partner had left the club for greener pastures and he had a successful European Championship campaign winning the tournament and now, that he isn't even on the field, the team suffers a lot more than it did when he was on it.

Add to that the constant shoulder problems of the English Ferrari Theo Walcott.

Whose ability to get past his man and either cross or go straight to goal was sorely missed. His speed kept defenders honest drawing them and opening up space for other to get behind or a slick pass to be sent through to a waiting striker.

Now, that none of these things can happen because of the injury problem at the club, the team looks in disarray and a far cry from the Wengerball were used to seeing them play.

Remember, physical injury heals and every single one of those players will be back at some point in the tail end of this season.

The football should flow.

With attacking options like Adebayor, RVP, Dudu, Theo, Nasri, Rosicky, Cesc and now Arshavin, it looks like the free flowing football we all associate with Arsenal will be back even stronger than before due to some recent additions.

Wenger knows what he's doing; he has selected some of the best young talent in the world to play truly beautiful football.

Once all the pieces are in place there will be no crying from Arsenal supporters, no pleading for Wenger's head and once all the pieces are in place Arsenal, they will be the force that they once were.

Warning to all Arsenal doubters ... they are coming to conquer England and the world!