Is the Amauri Soap Opera Finally Over? (Part Two)

Samuel DieudonneCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

Since Amauri has spent an eternity to decide where he will play on the International stage, last week the latter almost shocked Calcio and the world when he was misquoted by the press as declaring he had chosen Brazil. For me that was not a shock; after all, he was Brazilian.

Maybe this was just the tonic needed to end the Soap, but the Striker loves drama and fooled us all by saying that that he will remain open to the possibility of an Azzuri selection. So folks, for now it seems we are in for a dramatic finish to this spectacle.

So what are the lad's chances of even having an International future? Right now I'd say they are very slim, and his attitude is not helping either. Juve's hitman needs to wake up and smell the coffee! Guys would kill to get a call up from Brazil or have the choice to play for Italy instead.

Amauri has that, so what is the reason behind his inability to come out loud and clear to the press in choosing between the Azzuri or the Selecao? It surely cannot be for reasons of success. Both teams have a total of nine World cup titles combined, without even thinking of all the other International tournaments they've won. 

Last week he finally got a legitimate chance to end this soap when he received a call up from a reluctant Carlos Dunga, who snubbed him all year, but up gave him a recent nod on account of Fabiano's (Sevilla) injury. He was not released, however, because Juve's pride took over them, and they decided to stick Dunga the big old finger by keeping Amauri in Turin, stating that the call up came too late.

But what has Amauri done about it? Absolutely nothing; he hasn't even appealed to the Juventus board about the possibility of gaining permission to accept Dunga's call up.

Considering the fact that for months he raved that it would be his dream to represent Brazil on the International scene,  he was after all a Brazilian why not persuade Juve to release him? but he's said the same thing about Italy about a million times, so we can't possibly take his claims seriously, can we? With his Italian papers not even legalised yet, it's not logical to discuss the chances of a nod from Lippi right now.

Thus draws my conclusion: Amauri needs to realise that his International future won't be realised with him just sitting around waiting to get called up sans giving a significant intention of who he wants to play for. With the 2010 World Cup coming up, if he wants to ever feature in it, he has to come out and clearly state which team he wants to play for. This is not brain surgery. Just decide—Brazil or Italy?

He should also keep in mind that none of these teams lacks quality up front and he can be easily snubbed by both managers, so the longer he lurks on this, the more uncertain it will be that he will ever in a International game.Soap operas don't always have a fairy tale ending, so the end of Amauri's soap might just be tragic—the way he has handled this situation.