Budweiser Shootout Not Really Shootout Anymore

Adam HeasleyCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

Yes ladies and gentleman, the ever exciting Budweiser shootout is only three days away.

The sun will be down, the lights on, the track is going to be lively, fans will be excited, thousands will be watching at home, and I can't wait for the last segment which is a 10-lap scramble to the finish.

Oh, wait.

There is no more 10-lap shootout. This year the Budweiser Shootout is broken down into two segments that equals 75-laps, with the first being 25-laps and the second a longer 50-laps.

The last 10-lap segment was intense, nail biting, and very exciting.

Now that's gone.

It made for fun racing and fun racing to watch. I think everyone wishes they had that 10-lap segment back.

The 10-lap was a shootout in the Shootout. Now that its gone they might as well just call it another all-star race.

One thing that the 50-lap segment will affect is that the drivers will have to game plan and come up with a strategy. They can't just be aggressive and rub bumpers for 50 straight laps, unless you want to find yourself in the garage watching your fellow co-workers go to work.

When NASCAR had the 10-lap segment, tires where fresh and you could move your car all over the track with great control.

Now the racing won't be as intense and exciting. Drivers won't be able to make risky moves with their cars and it's going to be harder to pass. There won't be any Kyle Busch like moves.

But because of this, the finish might be as close as it has ever been. Nobody will be able to pull away or get more then a car length on the field. They will all be bunched up, and that just might be a make up for the disappearing 10-lap shootout.

Still with the 10-lap segment gone will that take away from the real meaning of the Shootout?