CFL General Manager Eric Tillman Picks Up 16-Year-Old Girl Off of Waivers

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CFL General Manager Eric Tillman Picks Up 16-Year-Old Girl Off of Waivers

And you thought Matt Millen looked bad.

Canadian Football League General Manager Eric Tillman has been accused of asking a 16-year-old girl to show him her playbook, if you know what I'm saying.

Sportsbook odds heavily favor that Tillman is guilty, which is partially why he's on a leave of absence from the team.

Tillman lives in Saskatchewan, Canada, and if I was to blatantly stereotype, I'd say Tillman could have probably parlayed his "star power" as the GM of a CFL team, with his Grey Cup ring, and given her some wheat to get her to open up.

But seriously, this is a pretty sad story. And this comes on the heels of another ugly Roughrider incident, where player Trevis Smith was busted having unprotected sex with women. Oh yeah, I forgot the most important part—he has AIDS.

I haven't seen this much bad PR for a franchise since the San Francisco 49ers PR team released a video dissing homeless people, gays and lesbians, Chinese people, and religion.

I think, for the most part, those who bet sports could care less about the CFL. But this story is funny. Funny in a bad way. Funny in the sort of way that you think to yourself: "Hey Eric, are you really that stupid? Like, genuinely, are you in fact that dumb?"

Guy, tough year for the Green and White.


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