F1 2009: Super Fast vs. Super Ugly

Adam PooleAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2009

During a time of worldwide economic downturn, it seems that Formula One bosses have decided to not only cut down on spending, but sacrifice the look of the cars just to bring audiences in.

Say what you like about the new aerodynamics on the cars making for a more interesting sport; that has yet to be seen. Who knows whether it will actually make for a better sport? We know what the 2009 cars will look like.

They look like something that teams on "Junkyard Mega Wars" could put together given a few hours. They're that ugly.

Some may say that I'm not a true F1 fan if all I care about is how the cars look, but that is not the only aspect I care about. However, it happens to be a large factor in why I follow the sport.

Nothing delights me more on a weekend than settling down with a cold beer, switching on the old TV, and seeing some fantastic-looking vehicles head down a straightaway at speeds of up to 200 mph with drivers trying to outsmart each other. 

In 2009, the only things I'll have to look forward to on a race weekend are the speeds, driver trickery, and, of course, the beer, because I see absolutely nothing even remotely good looking about the new cars. I may as well go on which colors I like best.

I may change my mind once the season starts, but the more pressing question is this: Is it worth making the cars so ugly so the on-track action becomes more exciting?

The MP4-23, the F2008, and all other 2008 cars were probably the best-looking Formula One cars in the sport's history. The 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix was one of the most exciting season finales ever in any sport, and the viewing figures alone support me on that opinion. 

The season on a whole had five drivers (six at one point) battling it out to be on top. No one knew who was going to win one race from the next. Finally, with the on-track antics of a certain British World Champion and the inconsistent rulings of a blind and idiotic stewards board, what more action could have been crammed into the season? None.

Give me a final corner championship-winning season finale and a gorgeous-looking MP4-23 over a sly out-braking maneuver any day of the week.

As a concerned fan, I would say that good looking Formula One is truly gone this season—unless, of course, I or Sara are on the track.

Author's Note:
I apologize that this article has been a long time coming, and future pieces also will be scarce, as I am working away from home for weeks at a time. I hope you continue to be constructive in your comments. Kindest regards—Adam.