The Next Big Step: Who Will Take Over at Quarterback for Alabama?

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IFebruary 4, 2009

The question Alabama fans are wondering now that the 2008 season is behind them is who will be the next starting quarterback.

I mean after all, Alabama is going to need an elusive quarterback who is accurate, can run the ball under pressure, and throw out of the pocket.

The top three choices right now to replace John Parker Wilson are Greg Mcelroy, Star Jackson, and Alabama commit AJ Macarron.

I will start by saying that Greg Mcelroy is really the top candidate. He has the most game experience thus far in his career starts at Alabama. He is extremely accurate—after all he did play for the famous Southlake High School in Texas. And I feel that he can still be accurate in or out of the pocket.

The next candidate that I feel out of my top three is Star Jackson. He has good feet and can run under pressure, and he is also extremely accurate. He will only be a sophomore, and if he were to start next year he would be a four-year starter because he was redshirted this past year.

In my opinion I would like for him to start because of his good moves and accuracy, but I feel as if Alabama will choose Greg Mcelroy over Star Jackson, and that's why I put Greg Mcelroy at number one.

My last candidate that I think will start at quarterback is A.J. Macarron. I know that he is yet to sign to Alabama, but he will in a few hours. He is committed with a solid verbal and he lives in Alabama, so I think it's a safe bet he will sign.

I know it is rare for freshmen to start at Alabama, but I feel that he has a chance to start because he is just as accurate as Greg Mcelroy and Star Jackson. He also, along with Jackson, has a pretty good set of feet.

Now this prediction is just a toss up I haven't done too much research, because no one really writes about it.

However, I think that offensive coordinator Jim Mcelwain should try to not start one quarterback—but two quarterbacks. I think he should play Greg Mcelroy and Star Jackson in a double quarterback type deal. Put Greg Mcelroy in passing situations and Star Jackson in a scramble situation.

I know that is unlikely, but I think anything can happen in the crazy football world we live in today.