Change of Scenery: How the Cubs and Angels Can Turn Things Around

Matt WahligContributor IIIMay 25, 2012

Change is Good, I promise Albert.
Change is Good, I promise Albert.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Albert Pujols, for lack of a friendlier word, has imploded since he signed with Anaheim.

Meanwhile, in America's Second City, Alfonso Soriano has faded from relevance and Ryan Dempster has struggled with adversity for years.The only thing in common for all three is that their contracts have proven to be giant albatrosses for all parties involved.

Only one solution remains, and while crazy, it solves problems for all involved; trade Pujols, rid Soriano and Dempster of the neglect they've had as members of the Chicago Cubs, and begin to put people in the seats at Waveland and Sheffield again.

Now, hear me out for a second; Pujols' contract tops out at $30 million a season. The combination of Demps and Soriano is $32 million. Alfonso hasn't been relevant since the day he laced his cleats up for the Lovable Losers, and Dempster has been a gallant lover of Chicago for too many years.

Pujols being sent back to the NL Central saves LA from having to defend a player they're paying mega-millions to, all the while injecting life into a squad that has both lacked pitching and offensive pop since opening day.

What about Bryan LaHair? Well, I'm not sure. He's a piece that can aid the Angels in establishing a lineup that won't fluctuate as much as Pujols and Company have over the last 90 days. To be completely honest, LaHair should thrive in the AL.

Sure, this idea isn't ideal, but when your two teams are struggling, it's time to make a change, no matter how radical.