Top 5 Rookie Fantasy Studs to Watch out for in 2012

Ralph Longo@ IIISeptember 6, 2016

Top 5 Rookie Fantasy Studs to Watch out for in 2012

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    Every year there seem to be a few rookies who tear it up and have excellent fantasy seasons. The key to these players is that many went either undrafted in fantasy drafts, or were very late round selections. 

    So, after you hear who these five rookie studs are, add them to the bottom of your draft notes, and remember to try and steal them near the end of your draft. You don't want to miss out on a rookie that blows up that you could've drafted. Now, you won't miss. 

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5. Robert Griffin III, QB

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    Griffin could really breakout and have a huge season this year. He's poised to take over a Washington offense that should be much better than they were last year. Griffin looks like the clear cut starter, so you won't have to worry about him not getting enough reps to be worth your while. 

    The key with Griffin, and what is the big question mark in my mind in terms of his fantasy value, is how much will he use his legs? We all saw what Cam Newton did last year on the ground, sending his own fantasy value through the roof by scoring 14 touchdowns on the ground. 

    If Griffin runs a lot, he's a very valuable fantasy asset to your team, and makes for a great back up. Who knows, if he plays well enough he just might be your starter by mid-season. 

4. Justin Blackmon, WR

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    Blackmon might be the best rookie WR, but the situation he's in may hold back his fantasy value somewhat. Blackmon went to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and their quarterback situation at the moment is bleak to say the least. 

    Blackmon should still put up good numbers though, and if he can put himself in position to be a consistent red zone target he could score a fair amount of touchdowns for you in 2012. 

    Much of Blackmon's value will be determined by how well Blaine Gabbert plays. If Gabbert can rebound from his woeful rookie campaign, expect Blackmon to have a good year. If Gabbert once again plays poorly, then taper your expectations a bit.

    Still, Blackmon's so talented that he'll have at least a few good games no matter what. 

3. Doug Martin, RB

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    I've long been a fan of Doug Martin, and I think that he has the potential to have a great fantasy season in 2012. Yes, he'll split carries with Legarette Blount, but with Blount's sophomore slump and perceived lack of progress, I wouldn't be surprised to see Martin get the bulk of the carries by mid-season. 

    Martin will also likely get most of the receptions out of the backfield, as Blount doesn't really seem to be able to pull in many catches. Martin is the far more versatile back, and is a very solid pass blocker as well, so that should also get him on the field for more snaps. 

    Look for Martin to start off the season slow, but he'll definitely pick it up and should have a nice fantasy year for his owners. 

2. Michael Floyd, WR

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    I'm very high on Michael Floyd, and I believe he's going to have an awesome rookie year and could be a big time stud for years to come. Reports are coming in saying that Floyd is already gelling extremely well with Larry Fitzgerald, which is an excellent sign for Fantasy owners. 

    If Kevin Kolb can stay healthy, he's more than capable of making Fitzgerald and Floyd one of the most formidable one-two punch combinations at wideout in the NFL. Floyd's in a great situation and I have full confidence that he'll capitalize on the frequent double teams on Fitz and flourish in the red zone. 

    Many people may put Blackmon ahead of Floyd, but I believe that the situation Floyd is in benefits him enough to put him over Blackmon, regardless of the talent discrepancy. 

1. Trent Richardson, RB

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    Trent Richardson may be in the best position of any rookie player for the upcoming season.

    Richardson is set to be thrust into the starting role, and will be a workhorse for the Browns. He could potentially receive 20+ carries per game, and will be a force on the goal line, assuming Cleveland can get there with any regularity. 

    Cleveland has a good offensive line, which will definitely help with Richardson's stats. Richardson will probably be the highest drafted rookie, as he's ranked around 15 in various running back rankings that I've seen. 

    Richardson has tremendous upside, and if he can stay injury free for the duration of the season, I wouldn't be surprised to see him rush for 1100 yards and give you 8-10 TD's. He's an absolute stud and if you have a chance to grab him in the early-mid rounds, pick him up.

    I'd rather have a young, fresh Richardson on my team than an aging veteran like Michael Turner, that's for sure. 

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