Brett Favre Needs To Retire in Order To Salvage His Legacy

Brian HutchisonCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

With another Favre infested offseason approaching, talks have begun to spread whether Brett Favre is starting to lose his once-spectacular reputation.

Favre has always been regarded as the toughest quarterback ever, but he is showing a lot of weakness by continuing his career in the NFL. He needs to realize that he is no longer the same quarterback he once was. 

He is either in denial about thinking he can still play, or he is just taking advantage of his prestigious resume. Any team who would sign Favre knows they will be placed into the national spotlight. And Favre knows this.

Not only is Favre a below average quarterback, but since he his Brett Favre he is still being paid as an elite. According to USA Today, Favre has the fourth highest base salary for any quarterback in the league. Yes, more than your Bradys, Mannings, Brees’, Rivers, Cutlers, and Warners—any of whom I would much rather have on my team than Favre.

Favre’s shoulder has been a major concern now for quite awhile. However, his mind is what bothers me. He is starting to make the same rookie mistakes he made what seems like a century ago, when he actually was a rookie. 

He is still lobbing balls high into the air when being rushed, and still throwing into triple coverages.  It’s almost as if he doesn’t notice there is a defense playing in the game also.

I am not taking anything away from his career as a Green Bay Packer. He was a legend. Keyword being was.

Remember when Michael Jordan came out of retirement to join with the Washington Wizards? Neither do I, but it happened. Jordan was lucky that he didn’t embarrass his legacy like he easily could have.  The missed dunk in the All-Star game didn’t help.

What I’m trying to say is that Favre has nothing left to prove. He has a ring. Has a billion records. And a bank account that can last him the rest of his life. If what he is still playing for is the love of the game, then he needs to respect what he has accomplished and put it to rest.