Cleveland Indians: Why Top Prospect Francisco Lindor Will Enter MLB in 2015

Bill Ford@billfordwritesCorrespondent IIIMay 24, 2012

The Cleveland Indians do not have an arsenal of top prospects in development in their minor league system, but shortstop Francisco Lindor appears to be their future superstar.

He is thought of as an elite prospect, and he is the only Cleveland prospect to make the 2012 MLB Top Prospects List.

He is ranked as Cleveland top prospect by Baseball America, and is also ranked as the best hitter for average and the best defensive infielder.

Lindor has tremendous base-running speed, the speed to chase after ground balls and a cannon for an arm. His base-running skills are a bit raw, but that is simply due to a lack of experience in the game. He should develop strong base-running instincts as he gains some experience and learns to read pitchers better.

He is a solid switch hitter and makes better contact with the ball from the right side, but appears to have more power hitting from the left side because of his swing. While in the minor leagues, he will have ample opportunity to develop his swing from both sides of the plate.

Lindor has natural skills at shortstop. For a young player with little professional baseball experience, he plays his position with command and makes difficult plays appear to be simple and routine.

Minor league talent Tony Wolters is about a year ahead of Lindor in development. The Indians will not have room for Lindor for a few years with Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera playing, and that will give Lindor plenty of time to further develop and refine in the minors.

Lindor has huge potential to enter into Major League Baseball in 2015 and quickly become one of the team's rising stars. Keep an eye on him over the next few years, and be ready to see him in Cleveland in 2015.