The 10 Worst Storylines in Wrestling History

K.C MynkCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

Throughout the history of the pro wrestling the formula for promoters has been simple. Take two guys, create heat between them, book a match, and hope people pay to watch it (either in person or now on pay per view).

It seems simple to create heat for wrestlers and story lines to give their characters a reason to meet in the ring, or to create a solid back story.

However, sometimes the angles and story lines are goofy, tasteless, serve no real purpose, or just plain offensive.

The following all fit in to one of those categories as the ten worst story lines in professional wrestling history.


10. Any angle involving David Flair

Either David Flair is really stupid or was really desperate to get into the family business.

Regardless, he did more to help tarnish his father's legacy in WCW than any person not named Eric Bischoff.

The younger Flair was brought in to feud with his father and air the families dirty laundry which would have been a really solid angle had it been written right.

Instead, we got David Flair committing his father to the loony bin, making out with Stacey Kiebler (which was probably pretty cool for young David), acting goofy as one of Hulk Hogan's lackeys, and hanging out in strip clubs.


9. Any angle involving Mae Young

I can only assume that Social Security isn't paying what it used to.

Poor Mae Young has been in more tasteless and utterly useless story lines than any performer in WWE history and every few years she keeps coming back for more.

The point of most of them is that she is a play on her namesake the former oversexed Hollywood star of the 1940's Mae West, except that Mae Young is in her eighties.

Of course everybody remembers the low point where she became involved in a sexual relationship with "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry, got knocked up, and gave birth to a human hand.


8. HBK and God verses The McManhan's

Nobody has ever accused Vince of having a great deal of good taste or class when it comes to his product but this was probably over the line.

It's one thing to engage in thought provoking satire about religion and religious institutions and in fact everybody from Monty Python to Kevin Smith have done just that.

However, it's another thing to openly mock somebody's deeply held religious beliefs for a cheap, short-term storyline on a wrestling show.

Everybody knows that HBK is a devout born-again Christian so to mock this for weeks was a classless stunt that didn't even work in terms of a solid wrestling storyline.


7. Oklahoma

For some unknown reason now lost to history, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera really didn't like Jim Ross.

So when tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb got their chance to run their own promotion one of the first things they did wasn't to reinvent the entire show, or give some of the younger talent like Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho that were hungry for a huge push a chance at the spotlight.

No, there first order of business was to dress Ferrera up like Jim Ross and mock his very real bout with Bell's Paulsy.

Never mind that nobody cared about a bad and classless impersonation of a wrestling announcer, these two hacks were out to embarrass one of the most well-respected and well-liked men in the business.

In the end the only people they impressed were themselves.


6. Al Wilson and Dawn Marie

Here's an idea for a storyline: lets hire a second rate former ECW "diva" and make her into a golddigger.

Even better lets have the old man she pairs up with be the father of the most popular and hottest diva on the WWE roster.

To top that off lets complete the story line by having her screw him to death on their honeymoon.

No, I'm not making this up, Dawn Marie really did marry Torrie Wilson's dad and sex him to death.

Now what this has to do with wrestling is beyond me, but since when does Vince need an excuse to be tasteless?


5. The Muhammad Hassan and Dairari Terrorist Angle

This is what happens when you take a really good angle, wrestler, and character and go too far.

Muhammad Hassan was actually a very good worker who was getting a huge push as a middle-eastern man in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.

It's nothing new to pit an enemy of the United States in matches beginning with the evil German wrestlers of the 50's and 60's, the Iron Shiek, and the never ending stream of "Soviets" who were in the business during the Cold War.

However, the angle went to far when Dairari was scheduled to face The Undertaker in a squash match at a SmackDown! taping, where during the beat down Hassan began praying and a group of terrorists in ski masks attacked The Undertaker.

Did I mention that this episode of SmackDown! aired the same day as the Al Quaida terrorist attacks on downtown London?

The result was outrage from almost everybody who saw the match, and the firing of Hassan and Dairari.


4. Kane and Katie Vick

If we haven't gone far enough on this list then how about some good old fashion necrophilia!

Ever wonder why Kane was so damn weird, well Triple H had the answer it was because he screwed dead chicks.

Well in this case a dead chick named Katie Vick who Kane was in love with but wouldn't date him, so after poor Katie died in a car crash Kane had sex with her corpse.

To make the storyline better Helmsley showed a video of himself in a Kane mask banging a mannequin in a coffin just to prove how twisted Kane really was.

Ready for more fun?

In the aftermath of that, Kane's buddy, The Hurricane, showed a video of a Triple H look alike getting a high colonic.

Now if that's not good clean family entertainment I don't know what is.


3. The Buff Bagwell Wheelchair Incident

During his run in WCW Marcus Bagwell suffered a very real, and very serious broken neck at the hands of Rick Steiner.

It was a botched move that went wrong and the initial prognosis was that Bagwell's career was over and he might not even be able to ever walk again.

However, Bagwell dedicated himself to rehab and was ready to make amends with Steiner for his injury in a touching display of sportsmanship and forgiveness.

As Bagwell sat in his wheelchair and assured Steiner there were no hard feelings he then jumped out of his chair, beat the crap out of Rick, and joined the nWo.

In a business where you are just one botched move away from paralysis or even death, Buff Bagwell used his second chance in the wrestling business as a cheap mid-card level promo for the nWo.

One only has to wonder what a man like Darren Drozdof would do if he had such a second chance?


2. The Sandman's Crucifiction

There is one simple way to know you have gone too far with a wrestling storyline.

If you ever offended every single fan in attendance at the old ECW Arena, the odds are you've gone too far.

At one time I honestly believed that nothing was too hardcore or extreme for ECW fans, after all these are the fans who watched the Mass Transit incident; they watched Tommy Dreamer get beaten with a Ken-do stick for 20-minutes; they were cussed out on a nightly basis by The Dudley's, they even watched The Sandman's own kid turn against him and literally worship Raven.

However, the night that Raven and his followers pulled a cross from below the ring and hang The Sandman was too far for even the most jaded and hardcore ECW fan to sit through.

In fact the backlash was so bad that Paul Heyman made Raven break kayfabe and come to the ring as Scott Levy to apologize for putting The Sandman at the same level as Jesus Christ.


1. Eddiesploitation

This one ranks at the top of the list because (with the exception of Buff Bagwell) it is very real and very disgraceful.

The angle began soon after the death of the well respected superstar when his nephew Chavo began beefing with Rey Mysterio.

Point being that Chavo felt Rey was "a leach living off Eddie Guerrero's name" and credited Eddie with putting Rey over while being jealous that he should be getting a major push not Rey (one can assume that Chavo felt he should have been the one leaching off of Eddie's name).

If the feud would have been just between these two it wouldn't have been so bad, but then Eddie's real life widow Vickie inserted herself in the storyline.

However, Vickie soon sided with Chavo using the death of her husband as nothing more than the back story for a cheap heel turn.

I realize that Vickie Guerrero was a young widow with kids to support, however to tarnish the legacy and respected name of her husband and his family was too low.

One can blame Vince for approving such a storyline, however it takes two in order to make a deal and Vickie being Eddie's wife had a greater responsibility to her family and her husband's legacy than to sell it out so cheap.


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