No Austin, No Vince, No Shane...For Orton There Is One Road To Wrestlemania 25

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 4, 2009

Hello B/R...I tried to stay away, but you guys wouldn't stop. It was killing me...So i'll take matters into my own hands

With all of these Orton stories going around and about I couldn't just sit back..nope, I have to give my outlook. I've endured some of the most horrendous stories, and some that are alright. I'm not going to promise you what's really going to happen because I'm no psychic, so I cant, but by eliminating the ridiculous and the fantasies, we can get one step closer.

1. Vince McMahon vs Randy Orton

Are you serious? "Vince McMahon will return and face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 25"! First of all, Vince doesn't want to be on WWE television anymore. He wants to work behind the scenes. He's getting older. Orton is too "big" for a match against the boss.

So your telling me that after the huge push he got, the Rumble win, nearly getting fired, and everything else, WWE is going to reward us with a match between Orton and Vince? Seriously get that thought out of your heads. Believers of this theory all deserve to get punted. Jericho is tied up with Flair, Batista is out, JBL and HBK are still at it, plus Taker might have it out with HBK, so who'll face Cena? Hmmm Austin? (sarcasm)

2. Stone Cold and Shane McMahon vs The Legacy

Good Gracious! I don't know what's worse Vince and Orton...or this. Again Orton will be wasted away. Its been done before first of all. Evolution (Flair, Batista, Orton) vs The Rock and Sock Connection at Wrestlemania 20. The leader Triple H was in the main event.

I can understand Legacy (Rhodes and DiBiease) having a match, but Orton cannot be in it. He is the hottest thing out right now. Putting him in anything short of the main event is an insult to his abilities and makes WWE looks idiotic giving him that big push for nothing.

3. Shane McMahon joins Legacy

This just keeps getting better does it? This might be my favorite because tons of people believe this is going to happen. Things happen in WWE and changes do happen but unless this happens, I'm going to say...this is crap. Why? It makes no sense.

I know WWE doesn't always have logic in their stories, but this has none at all. "But Shane is 2nd generation"..NO HE'S NOT IDIOTS! "He threw those fake jabs". I think he just sold those jabs poorly...really poorly.

He also got D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-D in the hallway and took a punt to the back. If he was working with Orton, I don't think he would have taken damage like that.

4. Stone Cold vs Orton

Another one that I'm not too fond of. This one is quite irritating as well. I believe Austin is too wrecked to work one more match and if he'll be horrible. He can barely take bumps and he'll probably sell moves badly as well. "Breaking News"! "Austin's Last Match".

I'm doing this one a favor and I'm goin to throw it in the friggin trash with the rest, but I believe WWE will try to get something out of Austin. They'll want to include him in some way. Orton and Austin is a NO-NO. Cena vs Orton is the biggest draw they can possibly have anyway you look at it... rather you like it or not.

I'm highly against this horrible idea but with the way WWE is working right now, I'd say this has a better chance than the previous 3.

5. Stephanie aligns herself with Legacy

I've saved the best for last. This topic I haven't heard as much but for the people who predicting this, take your hand and pat yourselves on the back. Why? You have made the most logical prediction. Stephanie has bloody hands and no one else saw it. You ever seen a "SAW" movie? In the end all of the flashbacks come and then and only then does the character gets an epiphany. This is what I believe will happen.

Can I be wrong? Yes, but unless that happens I'll stand behind my prediction.

Stephanie said RAW is "her show". No one took her seriously and eveyone told her Vince was going to take over when he returned. Vince just so happened to get punted that night. Orton was rumored to get fired because Manu and Snuka were in Stephanie's office all day talking to her. Oh yeah?..Where were they? We never saw them.

Orton had motive to go into Steph's office to "argue" with her so she could slap him. This would give Orton a reason to come out and punt Vince in the end of the night, and Steph didn't leave any cookie crumbs behind people. "She almost got punted"! Yeah yea if Orton wanted to, he would have in an instant, he needed Shane to get up and go for the save. Reason?

Steph needs to get Shane's guard down. Undertaker vs Orton? 1. She has to pretend he's really trying to get Orton and 2. Taker might have an encounter with HBK...Yes I believe the two facing is a "possibility".

When Stephanie turns her back on Shane at No Way Out, all of the clues will suddenly come rushing to your head and you'll get that epiphany. No one else is guilty. If something else happens, then I guess I'll have my foot in my mouth right? Nonetheless Orton has one road and what many people are suggesting is just not happening.

-Thanks for reading and Word Life vol. 10 will be published soon. I'll try to reach 25 installments before Wrestlemania in honor of its 25th anniversary, but I'll see how far I get.