WWE No Way Out: It's Time for CM Punk to Defend His Title in the Main Event

Rob Manisero@robmaniCorrespondent IMay 24, 2012

via miamiherald.com
via miamiherald.com

For too long, the WWE Championship run of CM Punk has been overlooked.

As of May 24th, 2012, Punk has been the champ for 186 days. This is the longest reign since 2008, when Triple H had a 210-day reign spanning from Backlash to Survivor Series. Ironically, the No Way Out PPV falls on the 210th day of Punk's title reign, so he will need a win to pass the Cerebral Assassin.

All signs point to a rematch with Daniel Bryan, although the involvement of Kane has become more pronounced in the past couple of weeks. Nonetheless, Punk and Bryan should be left to go at each other one-on-one again, and on June 17th, it should be the last match of the night.

So far in 2012, the WWE Championship has not been involved in the true main event of the night. Besides the Royal Rumble, John Cena has been a part of the last match for the past four shows, and none of them had any title on the line.

In fact, the last time the WWE title was in the main event was at TLC in December, a show in which John Cena did not even make an appearance.

Unfortunately, all early signs point towards Cena being involved in his fifth-straight non-title main event contest. This one may be just as bad as the last, since his opponent is the Big Show. Does the WWE not learn from its mistakes?

John Cena vs. Big Show quite possibly put on the worst back-to-back PPV matches in 2009. Their styles don't mesh at all with each other, and all that occurs is an exaggerated Super Cena win. What's to say the exact same thing won't happen at No Way Out?

While Cena and Show are two of the top performers in this industry, neither has ever been touted for their wrestling abilities by the majority of fans. In some cases, two wrongs can make a right. Not this one.

How about instead the focus gets placed where it should be: the WWE Championship. CM Punk as the champ can barely even get the last segment on Raw every week, and after six months, it's about time he got more of the spotlight on TV.

His feud with Daniel Bryan can develop into one of the best of the year, and it will certainly provide the best wrestling matches of the night. Even though the company pushes the entertainment side of the business more than the wrestling side, there is absolutely nothing entertaining about a slow, plodding 20-minute main event between John Cena and the Big Show.

The focus on WWE television is all in the wrong place these days. It should be CM Punk and Daniel Bryan that get the attention instead of Cena and Show. Then, maybe more people will start to truly care about the WWE Championship again.