Craig's Final Four Predictions for College Basketball

ctsports picksAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2009

Craig has had several recent college basketball articles: long shots underdogs, mid-major bracket busters, and college basketball power rankings. Today he is giving his early prediction of the Final Four as he sees it.

Handicapping this year has been very difficult in college basketball, as there had been a ton of change in the top four teams all year. There have already been five No. 1 teams, and the season is just over halfway complete.

North Carolina

Top team all year in Craig's power rankings. Don't get worried about early season losses that have resulted from injuries and a lack of intensity. Even though Craig thinks that Roy Williams is way overrated as a basketball coach, their talent will carry them. When all the chips are down, this team will turn it on and definitely be dancing all the way to the Final Four.


Currently the No. 2 team in Craig's power rankings; they have only one loss so far this season. Toughest conference in all of basketball will have this team ready for March Madness. This team is very tough defensively with the best shot blocker Hasheem Thabeet in the middle. Health will be the only issue with this team; A.J. Price must stay healthy this year.


Hope all of you got down on Craig's long shot teams that he released about a month ago. At that time this team was 6-1 and since then have not lost and are No. 1 in the Big East at 9-0! Best trio of guards in college basketball, and any of them can go off and score 25 on any night. Very tough out this March and is the best long shot to win it all.


Craig last year was all over this team and predicted an early exit, which was of course true. Hope all of you read Craig's article this year on the five reasons why this Duke team is different. Defense is much better this year, and they don't rely near as much on the three-point shot. Craig sees this team as a No. 1 seed and a for sure Final Four contender.

Hope all of you have enjoyed the recent string of articles by Craig. Check back soon as he will start breaking down some of the bubble teams that need to finish strong to get into the big dance.

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