Every City Could Use a Vic The Brick: Feelin' YOU!

Walter SimonsenCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

"Haikou for You!"

"The downtown hoop dojo."

"The bamboo of power."


Vic the Brick is one of the most interesting radio personalities on the radio in, "la Ciudad." Aside from his ability to look past anything bad any Los Angeles athlete has ever done, and his interesting choice in fashion, one thing is clear and expected when you listen to VTB's, as he is affectionately known, raging, imaginative, and totally biased journalism.

Yep, VTB has no problem letting us know just how great the Lakers are. How amazing Kobe is, even on his worst night. He was even behind Kwame Brown, attempting to send him good vibes. You could have found him at radio row this past super bowl, I'm sure bothering everybody out there.

VTB is something more than just a journalist/radio personality/spiritual leader for the entire city of Los Angeles. VTB is more than a colorful guy, with probably more purple and gold than any other person in the city. VTB is a staple, a rock, a necessity of the airwaves. And there is one thing I have no doubt in my mind about,

Every City Needs a Vic the Brick!

Every town from Seattle, to Boston, to New York, to Miami, to Dallas, to Chicago. A Vic the Brick is what every sports fan needs. Not only because he sometimes dresses funny, and tries to get into the game with a six-foot length of bamboo, and not only because he can find almost no fault in the players in his city.

No, it's because he is an inspiration to every sports fan in that city. Every single person who lives and dies with their team. Who still believes that a team that is 18 games back with three to go can still find a way to make the playoffs. Who sits back in their chair at the end of a loss and can find the bright side.

Yes, VTB allows us to do this, and not find fault in ourselves. To know that it's okay to be biased. To be okay with thinking our team is the best team in the league when ESPN when all its statisticians tell us they’re not.

VTB is a symbol of love and pride. A symbol of support and excitement. VTB is the guy you want to hear on your radio, win or lose, because you know that in the end, he's going to tell you that it's okay, that your team will prevail, and that you can hold on to any and all false hopes.

You can do this because VTB is the leader of that movement, and what every single sports city needs.

I salute you VTB for all you have done for "la Ciudad!"

Haiku for you!

Bamboo is Strength

You speak for all the people

You are the Bamboo

(I don't know if I did that right...)