WWE News: Who Did Current Superstars Say Was the Most Underrated of All Time?

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 23, 2012

Everybody has their favorites. Whether it is music, television or wrestling, fans will favor theirs over others. That is simply life.

Currently, there is an interesting WWE.com story on stars of the past. Superstars of today speak their minds and reveal who they always thought never got their due.

Here is what they said, with my thoughts as well:


Dolph Ziggler selected Billy Gunn

Honestly, I am with him. He was a great tag team worker, but the glory comes in being on your own. He had quite a few shots at making it, but things never worked out.

During the beloved Attitude Era, Billy Gunn was an underrated wrestler that I looked out for. Tag team or King of the Ring, he was always right on the cusp of making it to the main event level.


Daniel Bryan selected Billy Robinson

Sorry, I can't comment on what I didn't see. That would not be fair for wrestling fans all over the world. I respect the choice, but I have never seen Robinson's work. Coming from Bryan, he is likely a great wrestler.


Eve Torres selected John Laurinaitis

This made me laugh. Just like the previous choice, I can't comment on this. From the few video clips I have seen on Johnny Ace, he actually looked solid.

If anybody has followed his career wants to make a case for him being underrated, please do so.


Alex Riley selected X-Pac

Everybody knows I am a fan of Riley. Sadly, I can't say the same about Pac. He was never underrated in my mind, nor was he overrated.

The man was simply a nice worker to have on the roster. From face to heel, he fit in with a lot of storylines. Most will remember his nWo and DX days, but he also had many fun "cruiserweight" style matches during his career.

Again, I never disliked him on television. However, I also never begged to see more of him each week.


Ezekiel Jackson selected Tito Santana

I have seen very little of Santana. Again, he seemed like a solid worker to have on the roster. He is in the WWE Hall of Fame, so that must mean he has fans in the company.


Kofi Kingston selected Billy Kidman

A nice pick. He never did it for me in WCW, but he was always a fun act in WWE. The man never got much to do, but he really shined in a 2004 feud with Paul London.

I doubt he would have done much at the top of the card, but I never had a problem with him. As for being underrated, I think I may have to agree with Kofi.


Matt Striker selected Johnny Rodz

Sorry, I can't comment on his work either. Despite my feelings on Striker's dreadful announcing abilities, I trust his wrestling knowledge. If he says Rodz was underrated, I believe him.


Howard Finkel selected Bam Bam Bigelow

This man will be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day. That about sums it up. He had the look, size and skill inside the ring for a big man. He was a Superstar.

When you think of the industry, you think of guys like him.


WWE Classics selected Dean Malenko

I may have to disagree here. I know some fans love their "wrestling," but when that is all you have, it doesn't mean anything. Dean could flat-out wrestle inside that ring.

To this day, you can watch his matches. From Rey Mysterio to Eddie Guerrero, the man shined. However, I don't think the word "underrated" fits here.

The best word to describe him was "potential."

He had a lot of tools, but it never came through on the screen. As great as he was in the squared circle, he never did much for me outside it. Sorry, but that won't work.


My Personal Choice

Those were some of the choices from WWE. I agreed with a few of them, but one man always stuck out to me as being underrated. He had a few shots at the big time, but some of his demons kept him from truly making it.

The man had a good career during the Attitude Era. He made a few returns down the road and did some quality work. This wrestler even had a short stint in TNA many years ago.

My choice for being underrated is Test.

Some may want to argue the selection, but he and Billy Gunn always screamed "Superstar" to me. From the look to the size to the fanbase to his name to the wrestling skills to the intensity.

It was sad to see him pass away in 2009.

While many are discussing Owen Hart today as being another underrated wrestler, feel free to let me know who you thought never got their due in this business. Let's discuss...


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