Fatal 4-Way: No Way Out is the Best WWE Pay-Per-View

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2009

It’s probably the most important “non-major” WWE pay-per-view currently.  It’s the final leg on the road to Wrestlemania.  It’s held some classic matches over the years and further tells stories that will culminate at Wrestlemania. 


It’s No Way Out and it’s the WWE’s greatest pay-per-view. 


Now before the comments roll in, as part of this “Fatal Four Way” with Shane, Mina and Chris the criteria was set that we could choose any pay-per-view except Wrestlemania as we all know that Wrestlemania is the greatest PPV in all of wrestling. 


You’ll hear my three colleagues arguments on their greatest PPV but after reading my article it will prove that there is literally No Way Out for the them! 


No Way Out doesn’t have the longevity of  Summerslam, Survivor Series, or Royal Rumble but the significance of the pay-per-view cannot be denied. 


As stated earlier it is the last PPV event before Wrestlemania.  In most cases this event determines the main event for Smackdown or Raw at Mania depending on which brands superstar won the Royal Rumble


Over the years No Way Out has been known for it’s shocking moments.  Probably the most shocking was the WWE debut of the NWO at No Way Out 2002. 


Vince McMahon attempted to “kill” his creation with as he called it a “lethal dose of poison.”  That poison came in the form of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan. 


Though they didn’t have a match at the pay-per-view, their debut sent shockwaves through the wrestling world.  The NWO would go on to play a significant role at Wrestlemania X8. 


Could we see someone else debut at this year’s No Way Out?  (I won’t say his name.  I’m sure you all know who he is.  Let’s just say it sounds like “Rich N’ Rage.”) 


Also through the years we’ve seen some innovative matches at No Way Out. 


In 2000, Triple H fought Cactus Jack in a classic “Hell In A Cell” match.  The next year Triple H went one-on-one with Stone Cold Steve Austin in another innovative match known as the “Three Stages of Hell.”


In 2002 Edge and William Regal fought in a “Brass Knuckles On A Pole Match” and in 2005 JBL defended the WWE Championship against the Big Show in a “Barbed Wire Steel Cage” match. 


However the most innovative match of all has become a No Way Out tradition over the last couple of years, the Elimination Chamber.


Dubbed by Jim Ross as “Satan’s Structure” this highly entertaining and brutal match pits six superstars in a steel cage unlike any other. 


A cage made of chains, girders and bulletproof Plexiglas is a test of fortitude and can do major damage to the body.


What other pay-per-view offers you such an intense match? 


Last year the elimination chamber determined the number one contender for both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship.


This year the stakes are higher as both the WWE and World Championship will be at stake in the chamber with results that will surely clear up the Wrestlemania picture.


In all I feel that No Way Out’s creative matches and impact on the card of Wrestlemania makes it more significant than some of the major pay-per-views such as Summerslam and Survivor Series.  Those major PPV’s seem to have lost some of it’s luster over the years. 


No Way Out is a can’t miss pay-per-view!


Please make sure you read the other three points of view from Shane Howard, Chris Browne and Mina.  I’m sure they will present great arguments for why “their” pay-per-view is the best.