Baltimore Orioles: Dylan Bundy and the Top Prospects Waiting for Their Shot

Alex SnyderContributor IIMay 23, 2012

Baltimore Orioles: Dylan Bundy and the Top Prospects Waiting for Their Shot

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    The Baltimore Orioles may not have the most stacked farm system in comparison to some of the other franchises around Major League Baseball.

    But they do have a handful of the more talented players in the Minors.

    Some of them aren't terribly close to the Majors yet, but when they finally arrive, they're almost sure to take the world by storm. The raw talent that these aspiring Major Leaguers possess is impressive.

    Expect to see these names playing their home games at Camden Yards in the relatively near future.

Xavier Avery, Outfield

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    I'm starting off this slide show with Xavier Avery because if this had been written two weeks ago, he most certainly would have been included.

    Now he's taking his first shot in the big leagues, and so far, he's impressing.

    Entering Wednesday's action, Avery has a .256 average through 39 at-bats with three doubles, a stolen base and five walks for an OBP of .341.

    He's also providing much-needed speed on the basepaths and great defense in left field.

    Not bad at all for his first ten games in the Majors.

Manny Machado, Shortstop

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    What more really needs to be said about Manny Machado?

    He's got a stellar bat. His defense is top-notch. He's the next Alex Rodriguez. We've all heard the hype.

    In his fairly young Minor League career, his stats aren't setting the world on fire, but they're no where near shabby. Expecting a kid out of high school to own the Minor Leagues right away would be foolish. But being only 19, Machado has plenty of room to grow.

    And grow he will, into a superstar shortstop. Mark my words.

Dylan Bundy, Pitcher

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    Remember how I just said you can't expect a kid out of high school to own the Minor Leagues right away?

    Well, consider Dylan Bundy the exception to any rational rules.

    What Bundy has been able to do since he started his professional career this year is simply unbelievable. Jaw-dropping. His numbers are video game numbers. Take a look at the full spread thus far; there are too many impressive stats for me to type them all out.

    The future ace of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff is this man right here.

    It may not take too long for him to get the Charm City.

Jonathan Schoop, Second Base

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    This young middle infielder has been steadily improving during his time in the Orioles' Minor League system to the point where he's become a legitimate prospect for the team.

    Originally a shortstop, Jonathan Schoop has since moved to second base and has paired up with Manny Machado to form quite the double-play duo.

    For Delmarva and Frederick last season, Schoop batted a combined .290 with 13 homers, 71 RBI and 12 stolen bases in 511 at-bats—solid numbers for any Minor Leaguer.

    He may not become a superstar, but he certainly has the tools necessary to turn into a productive and solid Major League player that any team would love to have.