Floyd Mayweather: Will Racism Cause Him to Serve His Full Jail Sentence?

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IMay 22, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 05:  Miguel Cotto (L) hits Floyd Mayweather Jr. during the ninth round of their WBA super welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 5, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather won by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Most fight fans know that June 1 is the day that the biggest American superstar of boxing, Floyd Mayweather, will be entering prison to serve his 87-day jail sentence.

Will the great undefeated superstar have to remain in prison for the full 87 days?

Last week, all of the controversy surrounded Mayweather's out-of-ring nemesis, Manny Pacquiao, and his controversial comments on gay marriage. Even Floyd saw the opportunity to capitalize on Manny's media backlash, and he stated via Twitter,

"I stand behind President Obama & support gay marriage. I'm an American citizen & I believe people should live their life the way they want."

(Since then, Pacquiao has apologized to the gay community and clarified that the initial reports of his anti-gay marriage stance. He says he was misquoted, and that although he is still against same-sex marriage, he does not condemn gays and he loves "everybody," as he explained to Mario Lopez of Extra TV.)

Mayweather himself has a much bigger problem to deal with.

Many celebrities facing prison time often get off by doing community service and paying a laughable fine—one that can be paid with the loose change at the bottom of their Bentley. Even the celebrities who were out of slaps on the wrists and had to do actual time—such as Paris Hilton,  Lindsay Lohan and of course, Nicole Richie, who only served 82 minutes of jail time—make one wonder why is it that certain celebrities get off so easy while others are made an example of?

Is it race? Is it a racial thing? Floyd Mayweather is notorious for playing the race card. Sometimes, he has valid points, while other times, he is abusing and overusing the race card to the point that even many people of the same race say, "Come on now."

So is racism a factor in Floyd Mayweather's going to jail for 87 days starting June 1? Will racism keep him incarcerated for the full 87 days?

I would argue that it is racism—if Floyd Mayweather does have to remain in jail for the full 87 days, then he will have every right to pull the race card.

I even feel it was racist for Mayweather to have his jail sentence postponed to June 1 from the initial date so that the city of Las Vegas could benefit economically from him fighting. If they are going to do that, they might as well not even send him to jail in the first place, because it mocks the American justice system.

This reminds me of the movie He Got Game, where Denzel Washington's character is released from jail for a week to convince his extremely talented son to play basketball for the state college to bring the governor's alma mater increased funding through winning games and media attention.

If Denzel's character is successfully able to convince his son to play for the local state college, then he would be released from prison.

But what if Denzel's character was just a black man locked up with no basketball-playing messiah of a son? What if Floyd Mayweather was just a black man getting a 90-day sentence and not able to generate millions and millions of dollars for the city of Las Vegas by fighting once a year?

The Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans aren't exactly generating millions of dollars for the city of Los Angeles—but they were able to get their jail time drastically reduced somehow.

So is it race? Is racism the real reason why Floyd Mayweather, who is black, even has to go to jail in the first place?

If Floyd Mayweather looked more like Lindsay Lohan, would he get just another slap on the wrist instead?

Another example of certain celebrities getting out early is actor Christian Slater. Slater has had numerous run-ins with the law and was released 30 days early from his own 90-day prison sentence.

Two of my former co-workers (one was African-American and one Latino) were telling me, in their own words, that they could not believe the stuff he got away with—a DUI, trying to bring a gun on a commercial plane and beating up his girlfriend and a police officer while under the influence.

These co-workers of mine said if they had beat up a police officer while under the influence, they would never see sunlight ever again because of their racial backgrounds.

Can you imagine what would happened to Mayweather if he beat up a police officer? They even tried to get him for mouthing off and allegedly poking his own home security guard.

I will even argue that race aside, isn't Floyd Mayweather one of the most famous, wealthiest and powerful celebrities right now? He is more famous than Hilton and Lohan combined right now. So why is his celebrity status is not as powerful as theirs?

It's not even powerful enough to get him out of jail, when he generates so much for the economy of his resident hometown of Las Vegas?

How do you think it will all unfold? Will Mayweather do the full 87 days? Or will he do just a small fraction of the time and have his celebrity status rescue him just as it has so many others?

If Floyd's high-profile, A-list celebrity status does not significantly reduce his jail sentence, then Floyd can and should pull the race card on this one. He has every right to, because his life right now is sounding like a tragic Hollywood movie—the kind that is exploited to make a ton of money.


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