How Citi Gate Will Play Out

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IFebruary 3, 2009

Bloomberg reports:
"In conversations this morning, Citi reinforced that they will honor our legally binding agreement," the team said in a statement today.

Bloomberg tried to get a comment from Citi but they have not yet returned calls.
Let me tell you and the Mets how this will play out.
Politicians looking to make noise will pile on.  The fans will follow the politicians lead.  All you have to say is "taxpayers money" and people get mad. Whether it actually is taxpayer money or not is irrelevant. Perception is reality.
Then the stupid things begin.  I have been watching the Mets a long long time and they always get it wrong (hence my dopey blog).
They'll invite someone from Citi to throw out a first pitch.  Maybe not Day One (although they did open 2008 with a marching band, so you never know).  But Citi Suit will throw out a ball and get booed harder than anyone ever did at Shea.
The complaints won't magically go away on Apr. 13.
Eventually the Mets cave.  Maybe even on Apr. 15.
The stadium will be named Jackie Robinson Stadium. The Mets will get cheered.  
Then one day, the Mets will miss their naming rights fees. They will want the money, and they will sell naming rights.
The Mets will be the ones to take Jackie's name off the stadium.  
How do you suppose that will go over?
This one isn't going away. Re-do the deal and let Citi pay you on the back end. 
The Bloomerg article is here.

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