Pacquiao vs. Bradley: 10 Reasons Bradley Can Score the Upset on June 9

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IMay 22, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Bradley: 10 Reasons Bradley Can Score the Upset on June 9

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    Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley promises to be a great show on June 9, but many believe they know the ending: a Pacquiao knockout victory.

    But what if Bradley's skills, youth, speed and determination actually provided the formula for an upset?

    What if Bradley could actually win against Pacquiao? There are 10 factors that could turn the odds in his favor.

10. Bradley's Smarts

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    Timothy Bradley always seems to find a way to win. Even if Bradley is overpowered and undersized, he attacks his opposition with a calculated ferocity that brings him out on top.

    His ability to adjust and think through a fight will earn him the victory.

9. Bradley's Ambition

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    When Timothy Bradley turned down a fight with Amir Khan, he knew precisely what he was doing. He knew he wanted Manny Pacquiao and that a deal could be made.

    Now he's gearing up for the challenge that quickly approaches on June 9. For a man to chase something so hard, he must be ready for the opportunity he seeks.

8. Bradley's Chin and Youth

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    Timothy Bradley has a heck of a chin. He survived two knockdowns to hustle up a decision victory against Kendall Holt, one of the hardest hitters below 147 pounds.

    Bradley's chin will hold up and his youth will make sure he can hang with the 33-year-old Manny Pacquiao.

7. Bradley's Family

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    Timothy Bradley has a wife and kids he is fighting for. Manny Pacquiao once fought for his wife and family, but that was quite a few multi-million-dollar paydays ago.

    Pacquiao is just fighting to buy a small vacation island at this point. Whether he loses or not, his family will keep living well and above the poverty line.

    Bradley may not be in poverty, but he just earned his first million-dollar payday last year. Now he's graduated to his biggest payday yet, at $5 million against Pacquiao.

    If Bradley wins, he can continue to get paid even more. If he loses, he can go the route of former million-dollar fighter Shane Mosley, who now makes $650,000.

    For Bradley, that $5 million is a private schooling for his children, a family mansion in a safe gated community, security when out in public and nice cars for his wife and supporters holding him down.

6. Bradley's Speed

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    Timothy Bradley is a very fast fighter. That's one of the ways he's able to be in his opponent's elbow space, throw flurries and not even get hit.

    He brawls, but he also slips and weaves while throwing. It's a very peculiar style that may make a great counter to Manny Pacquiao's aggressive and less evasive attack.

5. Pacquiao's Outside Issues

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    Manny Pacquiao recently had his taxes investigated. He also is still a politician in his native Philippines. To do all of this while training against a hungry, undefeated fighter sounds daunting.

    Can Pacquiao do it? Timothy Bradley will be seeking to make that answer a definite NO!

4. Pacquiao's Limitations

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    Manny Pacquiao has proven time and time again that his style can be effective, but he's also proven that he can't change or adapt his style during a difficult moment.

    Against Joshua Clottey, Pacquiao just threw about a million punches rather than adjusting in a way to get through his guard. Sure, Pacquiao won the decision, but an adjustment could've made for an easier fight.

    Against Shane Mosley, Pacquiao couldn't cut off the ring to prevent Old Man Mosley from running. If Pacquiao knew how to make adjustments, he could've got the knockout instead of the decision.

    Juan Manuel Marquez has given Pacquiao trouble in three fights across seven years at three completely different weight classes.

    At 33-years-old, Pacquiao is a dog that won't be learning new tricks any time soon. If Timothy Bradley gives Pacquiao problems, they won't be solved.

3. Bob Arum

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    Bob Arum is the man in charge at Top Rank, the promotional banner behind both Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao.

    He gladly supported Pacquiao for years as he became a superstar. With Pacquiao nearing the end of his fighting days, Arum needs a new star that can pull in money that's at least roughly similar.

    At 28-years-old, Timothy Bradley has the skill, undefeated record and personality to carry the Top Rank brand long after Pacquiao is gone.

    Arum or whatever power it may be that awarded Pacquiao a decision over Juan Manuel Marquez twice in a row will not be in Pacquiao's favor this time.

    If Pacquiao slips up and allows Bradley to survive 12 rounds, he will be walking into his first defeat in years. From a legend's loss, a new Top Rank star is born.

2. Pacquiao's Love of the Game Isn't There

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    Every young and hungry fighter has a hit list. For Timothy Bradley, that list includes offensive beast Manny Pacquiao and undefeated defensive wizard Floyd Mayweather.

    For a fighter to tell the newspapers that God wants him to retire, he's not thinking of who's head he wants to take off. He's thinking of what scripture he wants to read or beach he wants to vacate to.

    Bradley has his targets set, but does Pacquiao even have his gun loaded?

1. Hunger

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    Timothy Bradley defeated three undefeated fighters in a row between 2009 and 2011. He has also conquered numerous champions.

    By the time Bradley defeated Devon Alexander, he was tired of always being one more fight away from stardom. Now, he has that one fight.

    With no more false promises of super-stardom from each hard effort, facing Manny Pacquiao is truly a career-making opportunity and his hunger for this moment will produce his greatest moment.