Let the Truth Be Told: Alexander Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby?

Vince RichardsCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

All hockey fans must know in their mind who they would rather have on their team between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. This topic has been brought up before, but I want to know what all of you fans out there honestly think.

When asking this question, there is so much to consider. Of course, every aspect of the game counts, but who is really the best player OVERALL? Let's quickly discuss each aspect of the game and who is better in which one because it will truly show who is a better hockey player to have on your team.

The most important part about hockey as a forward is scoring goals and setting up pretty plays. I have no doubt that Ovechkin is a far superior goal scorer than Crosby.

The stats don't lie when they say Ovechkin has 194 goals in 299 career games compared to Crosby's 119 goals in 263 games. A little side note to add to the goal comparison is the fact that Ovechkin has taken 1,586 shots in his career compared to Sid's 853.

On the other hand, Crosby is not known for scoring, but for his ability to set up plays and get those assists. Crosby has 243 assists in 263 career games and Ovechkin has 176 assists in 299 games.

The linemates and who these players play with matters as well. Crosby doesn't always play with Malkin, but for the most part, he does. Especially on the power play, Crosby has Malkin, Sykora, Satan, Staal, and add Hossa from last year. All those players can put the puck in the net when they need to.

Ovechkin has Alexander Semin and Niklas Backstrom to give the puck to. Semin can score, but Backstrom isn't noted for putting the puck in the net that often. If Backstrom won the Calder last year, he best have mentioned Alexander Ovechkin in his "Thank You" list.

Honestly, you can put Brent Sopel on a line with Ovechkin and he'll rack up 50+ assists in a season and that is really saying something because Sopel is awful.

This is what makes Ovechkin such a force. He makes his linemates better by playing with them. Don't get me wrong, Crosby does too, but I don't see him getting lower skilled players any goals.

We need to get more in depth though when thinking about this one. Ovechkin and Crosby are both fast players, but I see Ovechkin having the edge. He can skate end to end with the puck on his stick the whole time and blow by any defenseman. Crosby has god like hands as well, but he relies more on his linemates to finish a play unlike Ovechkin.

In the corners, Crosby probably has an edge. I say this because you won't find Ovechkin in the corners too often because he is able to plant himself in front of the net without being moved. Alexander Ovechkin has three inches and 20 pounds over Crosby, which I would think makes Ovechkin a more solid player.

When it comes to the physical part of the game, Ovechkin blows Crosby out of the water. I have never seen Alexander Ovechkin get "laid out," but in Crosby's defense, he hasn't been on the  receiving end of too many big hits.

On the other hand, Ovechkin delivers some huge hits and can teach people to keep their heads up. I can't recall every seeing Sidney Crosby lay someone out quite like Ovechkin has. But when it comes to fighting, my hats off the the career 2-0 Sidney Crosby.

Crosby has proved twice he isn't afraid to drop the gloves and shocked the hockey world by showing up Andrew Ference and Brett McLean in a fight. As much as Ovechkin hits and how distracting he can be to his opponents, he hasn't showed us he is ready to fight.

The last important part of the game is a players image and durability. When we think of these two players, we don't think of actors, we think of hockey players. Over the past few seasons, Crosby has shown us he might be able to get part in a movie because boy does he like to act.

He gets hit, tripped, slashed, hooked, etc I must say, Sidney Crosby could possibly win an Oscar.

When Ovechkin gets hit, he gets right back up and looks for someone to hit back. I recall Ovechkin getting rocked once this season, but he got revenge no longer than 10 seconds later by breaking a guys nose against Montreal.

Last is durability. Having two talented players like Crosby and Ovechkin can worry you sometime because you don't want them to get hurt.

In Ovechkin's first three seasons, he played in 245 of 246 games. This season Ovechkin was out for a two games, yet continues to dominate the NHL with his 36 goals. Sidney Crosby can stay healthy for the most part, but usually we can't tell if he is actually hurt due to his acting skills.

So far, out of a possible 328 games, Crosby has appeared in 263. He missed a significant part of last season, 29 games, but he also continues to get points.

If we look at the rosters, the Penguins have more raw talent and individual skill than the Capitals, but why do the Caps hold the No. 2 spot with 32 wins and 68 points, while the Penguins are far behind in the 10 spot fighting a .500 season with 24 wins and 53 points?

I think Ovechkin is a big reason as to why the Capitals stand in second place in the Eastern Conference behind the NHL's best Boston Bruins.

After analyzing Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Corsby's game play, please let me know what you think. I want more than just Penguin fans to respond to this and be honest.

It's clear as to who I chose as the NHL's best player, but in case you didn't pick up on it, I choose Alexander Ovechkin to be a better player OVERALL than Sidney Crosby for countless reasons.


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