Manny No No: Why The Mets Can't Sign Manny Ramirez

Gregory PearsollContributor IFebruary 3, 2009

In a previous editorial, I wrote about why the Yankees can't afford Manny Ramirez. With things such as the Million Manny March, where Mets fans tried to push Omar Minaya to sign Manny Ramirez.

However, there is no chance of this occurring due to several issues:


1. Pitching Needs

With huge contracts to Johan Santana and Oliver Perez, along with the trades and signings of J.J. Putz($4.4M) and Fransisco Rodriguez($10M), and the $10.5M owed to Billy Wagner, the Mets have very little cash left and can't afford an expensive player such as Manny Ramirez.

After previous blow-ups in 2007 and 2008, it is important the Mets shore up the bullpen before addressing the offense.


2. Poor Defense

With Manny Ramirez, you will get a poor arm out in left field. Even though his bat would be an upgrade over Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis, he would be a nightmare in left field.

It would be especially bad if he played like he did in Boston, where he just let balls fall or threw poorly.  Anyone remember David Newhan's inside the park home run?


3. Too Many Financial Commitments

The Mets have the following commitments for 2009—based on 2008 salaries:

Carlos Delgado ($16M)

Johan Santana ($17M)

Carlos Beltran ($18.6M)

Fransisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez ($10M)

Billy Wagner ($10M, out for 2009, Tommy John surgery)

Luis Castillo ($6.25M, bad contract!)

David Wright (about $9.2M/year, mostly back loaded)

With payroll close to $140M(excluding minor-league and arbitration-eligible players), the team would go over the luxury tax by signing Manny Ramirez.  They cannot afford that, especially with the trouble the Wilpons went through with the Madoff scandal.


4. Breakup Of Citi Naming Rights Deal

There is talk Citi may break its deal with the Mets.  This could cost the Mets organization loads of money and limit any further increases in payroll.


5. Attitude

Based on what happened in Boston with Manny faking a knee injury, is it possible he would repeat this feat in New York if he was unhappy? I feel the Mets should avoid taking this risk.

Based on all these reasons, a Mets signing of Manny Ramirez is basically out of the question.