Professional Wrestling: Five Undeniable Truths

K.C MynkCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

As much as some people on B/ love to complain and rail against the state of professional wrestling today, there are certain truths about the business we must all come to terms with.

The following are five truths, and if accepted, they will cause even the most jaded of fans to stop worrying about what is going on behind the scenes and understand this form of entertainment for what it is: entertainment.

5. TNA Sucks

I know TNA has its supporters on here, but lets face facts, the quality of entertainment on Impact and the average TNA show sucks.

From the very beginning, TNA has been nothing more than an extension of the losing formula that sunk WCW, hold down the younger talent to get older talent over.

If you are an A.J Styles fan or a supporter of the X-division, it is fine, but realize TNA does not exist to put Styles or any of the younger performers over, so don't get upset when it does not happen.

Rather, TNA has always been a graveyard for the likes of Sting, Scott Steiner, Nash, The New Age Outlaws, Booker T, and of course, the man the entire promotion was founded for, Jeff Jarrett.

Sure, Angle still can work a good match, and Samoa Joe may get a push, however, Jarrett and Vince Russo are content with the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.

The only problem is that it is broken and the "powers that be" are too dumb or too unwilling to know how to fix it.

4. Wrestling is a Political Business

This goes back to TNA where it amazes fans how the younger talent can be thrown under the bus, while the same old has-been's keep getting push after push.

The older guys get pushes because they have all of the stroke in the company, it is as simple as that.

Nobody denies that Styles is a better wrestler than Nash or Steiner, however the latter are superb political players behind the scenes and have the influence with Russo to keep their spots.

In the WWE, the same is true with Triple-H, who was an excellent backstage politician long before he ever married into "the family." Now, nobody denies that HHH has the wrestling ability and charisma to back up his status, but it bothers fans simply because he is so political.

If more fans accept the fact that backstage politics plays a role in the business, they wouldn't get as upset with the reality of what is going on.

3. Personality Matters

Point four is a nice segue to this point because far too many fans get upset when they feel that wrestlers that are inferior stay at the top of the card.

The most notable example is of course John Cena who takes a regular beating on B/, but guess what folks, Cena is not going anywhere.

Cena's spot is secure because he is a personality, just like Hogan and Flair, or Austin and the Rock were.

Personality matters in this industry because, lets face it, personality sells. Personality and charisma have gotten many under-skilled wrestlers over (see Hulk Hogan), and the lack of personality has been the downfall of many a talented worker (see Dean Malenko).

Now, there are some who might argue this point is invalid because they don't like Cena's "thuggish-ruggish" personality; however, they are proving my point rather than invalidating the point.

If you tune-in because you hate Cena and want to boo him, guess what, his personality has hooked you and that is just as important where it really matters (e.g. ratings) than if you liked his "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" attitude.

2. Nobody Really Has Any Inside Information

Aside from spoilers of pre-taped ECW or Smackdown shows, nobody has any clue about what is going to happen next in the WWE.

Every week on here somebody posts their "inside info" about when Christian Cage is coming back or what will happen next with Randy Orton.

The truth is these people have no more clue when these events will take place than my three-year old son does.

Unless you personally speak with Vince 15-minutes before RAW or the next pay per view starts, you have no clue what is going to happen. So please, ladies and gentlemen, stop acting like you know something you really don't.

1. Wrestling Fans Are Not Idiots

When people find out I am a wrestling fan, they seem amazed how somebody who seems otherwise intelligent and educated can like pro wrestling.

Even my wife is often amazed at "how I can watch that crap."

However, wrestling is one of my chosen forms of entertainment and it is something I enjoy.

Many people on here have a similar story  are college educated, articulate, and can actually speak in complete sentences, yet love the entertainment wrestling provides.

Yes, we know wrestling is "fake" (all though I prefer the term "predetermined"), but guess what? So is House, Dexter, Weeds, Burn Notice, Monk, Medium, or anything else people watch on T.V.

Sure, the storylines are over dramatic but so are "Desperate Housewives" and "Law and Order." Sure, it's all mindless entertainment, but so are "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars."

I am married with two kids, nearly 32-years old with a Master's degree, and yes, I like professional wrestling, and if you've got a problem with that, I have two words for you.