WWE: Ranking Kofi Kingston's Three Championship Tag Teams

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIMay 23, 2012

Kofi Kingston has won tag team titles with three different partners—CM Punk, Evan Bourne and R-Truth—but one of Kingston's teams will always be the best of the bunch.

Many fans would love to see Kingston rise to the top, but for now, he's carving out quite a niche as one-half of the WWE Tag Team champions.

It's not his first time.

Kingston's fast-paced style and high-flying moves are perfect to springboard a division that is currently in SOS mode.

Whether he's the common denominator or he's been blessed with equally talented individuals, Kingston has been a part of three awesome championship-caliber tag teams.

Here's how each of Kingston's team match up against one another.


No. 3: Kofi Kingston & CM Punk

If these two tagged together today, the WWE Universe might go bananas.

But when they formed a duo the first time, both men were relatively new on the scene.

The greatest thing about this team was that CM Punk has continued to shoot upward since holding the World Tag Team Championship. Immediately after the reign, he went after the Intercontinental title, then the World Heavyweight Championship, won two Money in the Banks and now is the WWE Championship.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Kingston.

Kingston bounced back and forth between the United States and Intercontinental Championships before settling back into the tag team division.

But future aside, the team of Punk and Kingston were still fun to watch. They did, after all, hold (arguably) the more prestigious tag team belts—rich with history and held by The Legion of Doom, the Steiner Brothers and the Hardy Boyz to name a few.

Punk was much less high-flying than Kingston. He replaced acrobatics with martial arts skills, but still held his own.

The team was exciting because they were still fresh blood.

Though, one last downfall for Punk and Kingston: they only held the belts for 47 days.


No. 2: "R-Boom"

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston have tons of potential.

Typically, two high-flying individuals complement each other well. The pairing of one small, fast wrestler with a powerful partner also provides intrigue.

R-Truth has a decent amount of speed and power.

Even better, Truth and Kingston just click well together. Between the two, there's a little bit of flash, strength and thrill.

If only Truth could drop the "Little Jimmy" shtick.

While Truth clutches to it, it's easy to spot Kingston's comical facial expressions that show he doesn't really know what to do with the invisible friend—accept it or ignore it.

The pair have held the belts for 23 days and counting so far. They definitely have potential to become one of the greatest tag teams of this generation.


No. 1: "Air Boom"

Oh, what could have been. If only Evan Bourne could stay off the juice.

While R-Truth is a suitable match to Kofi Kingston's style, Bourne fit Kingston identically. They were practically the same guy.

Air Boom struck fast and often.

Both men were all over the place. They jumped through and over the ropes. They jumped off the top ropes. They delivered jump kicks to the head with such ease.

Hurricanranas, flips, reversal pins mid-air—you name it and Air Boom could do it.

They were ungodly quick.

Boom, boom, boom—move after move. Best of all, fans never saw clothesline after clothesline. Rather, it was middle rope back flips after flip kick after roundhouse kick, then a tag for more thrilling maneuvers.

You can really tell when two men are dedicated to a tag team—and not just two individuals competing together randomly—when they come out together, to the same music and have a team name.

CM Punk and Kingston came out separately. Truth and Kingston just started coming out together, but they still seem more like two guys who randomly paired and it seems to be working well.

Air Boom on the other hand was a bonafide tag team.

They had their music, their entrance and their double team moves.

Together, Kingston and Bourne have the sixth longest title reign in WWE Tag Team Championship history at 146 days.

But after two violations of WWE's Wellness Policy, Bourne is suspended.

Kingston meanwhile tags with R-Truth and it'll likely remain the same after Bourne's return. Maybe though, fans will get to see a second round of Air Boom somewhere down the line.

Assuming, of course, Kingston hasn't leaped over the tag team division and into the main title picture.


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