Chiefs News: Head Coaches, Grocery Stores, and the Rooney Rule

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

Just doing a little catch-up here on some Chiefs news.

If you have never been to a game, this won’t mean as much to you, but the Kansas City Chiefs will now have Hy-Vee as its go to grocery for all of us season ticket holders that means no more, “Chiefs and Chopper! Chiefs and Chopper!”

Chiefs switching supermarket sponsorship contract from Price Chopper to Hy-Vee - Kansas City Star

Say so long to “Chiefs and Chopper.”

After nearly three decades, the homegrown Price Chopper chain will no longer be the Kansas City Chiefs’ “official” grocery sponsor. Price Chopper said the Chiefs indicated that when the sponsorship contract ran out in March, Iowa-based Hy-Vee Food & Drug would take over.

Chiefs Head Coaching News:

Nothing really new as far as Chiefs head coaching news besides a report (especially as of late, we all know how reliable some of these reports can be) out of Chicago saying that Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley is expected to interview with the Chiefs very soon.

One part of this article that I find interesting is this:

One source said minority candidates have turned down interviews to fulfill the Rooney Rule because the prevailing feeling in league circles is that the job belongs to Haley.

If the Chiefs are unable to interview a minority candidate because they all believe the head coaching job is already spoken for, then what? Will the Chiefs be fined by the league or will they let it slide because they offered interviews and were turned down? If true, this could be very interesting to watch play out.

Well, that’s all for Chiefs news for now. Go Chiefs!

Chiefs News - Head Coaches, Grocery Stores and Rooney Rule