WWE Over the Limit 2012 Review: Why Kofi and R-Truth Deserved the Tag Team Belts

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIMay 21, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE
Photo Courtesy of WWE

There have been a lot of rumors flying around that the WWE is going to revive its nearly dead tag team division this year. Some evidence of that can be seen on Smackdown, with a few new tag teams popping up, most recently, Titus O'neil and Darren Young. Epico and Primo have signed on with A.W., and Team ZigSwag actually had a legitimate tag team match for the title on Sunday.

Finally, we saw the belts defended on Sunday, but did the right team win? For now, yes. 

Kofi and R-Truth deserved to retain the belts on Sunday because they've been together as a constant team for a while now, at least since Evan Bourne got in trouble. Kofi and Truth (has anyone made up a good nickname for them yet?) are being packaged as a team, while team ZigSwag rarely wrestles in constant tag team matches.

Just look at Kofi. Kofi has been a tag team wrestler for some time now, where he can really show off his incredible athleticism. Kingston is made for tag team wrestling, being a great face with some unorthodox moves that he can showcase in team settings.

Truth is similar. R-Truth is a really unorthodox Superstar who's got a surprising amount of strength and athleticism that pairs well with Kofi Kingston. R-Truth and his pal, li'l Jimmy, bring that weird and unique touch to a team that would otherwise be just two guys wrestling together.  

Boomin' Truth (patent pending) deserved to keep the belts, but maybe not for long. I personally would love to see the tag team division get some more air in its sails. Doing so would mean that more Superstars would have to become dedicated to team wrestling. When you think about it, that wouldn't be too detrimental to a lot of the Superstars involved. Neither Ziggler or Swagger have any individual storylines going on, so it wouldn't be an issue for them. Many of the other teams don't have individual stories going on, but the division is still a little thin. 

More teams would have to surface to give chase to Boomin' Truth, but for the time being, they are still champs, and deserve it. They're one of just a few of the teams currently dedicated to tag team wrestling, so they definitely deserve the belts. If we're lucky, we'll hopefully see some more competition in the coming weeks!